Different Strokes


My husband Frankie is a sissy, and I love it. We met in beauty school and, after graduation, opened our own shop. It is one of the most popular salons in town. We now have seven people cutting hair, plus four other men and women who do nails and facials.
            It was during our junior year of school that Frankie and I became involved. We practiced on each other-and I don't just mean our haircutting skills. To my surprise, even though Frankie was as effeminate as any woman I'd ever met, he fucked like a stud. I would tell him how hot he looked and how turned on I was, and he would slip me the meat for hours. I used to laugh when I heard women complain that their big, macho boyfriends could only fuck for two minutes and could never bring them to orgasm. My sweet little Frankie spoiled my pussy rotten.
            The first day we fucked, we'd been practicing women's makeovers. Frankie did me first, and received a B for his grade. Then it was my turn to do him. I took extra care making him look like a really pretty woman. When I was done, I got an A+. Best of all, Frankie and I went out to dinner after class, and no one even suspected he was a man.
            On the way to his place, he told me how sexy he felt in the dress I'd selected for him. When we got there, we were so hot, we made love right away. The next morning we went clothes shopping and bought Frankie a whole feminine wardrobe. I coached him on his walk and talk, and how to be ladylike. We had the greatest times going out and watching guys try to pick him up. After a night of teasing all the boys, we'd run to his place and jump into bed. I'd suck Frankie's prick for as long as it took to gobble down his thick, creamy load.
            The last week of school, my roommate's brother Gregg came to see her. Frankie walked in, dressed like a woman, and Gregg was immediately interested. Frankie and I decided to have some fun, and kissed each other full on the lips in front of Gregg. We told Gregg I was bisexual, and that I wanted to have a threesome with him and Frankie-whom I'd been calling "Peggy" in front of Gregg.
            Gregg was immediately interested, and we went to Frankie's apartment. I kissed Gregg long and wet on the mouth, and asked him to strip me. When I was naked, I told him to lay back and watch "Peggy" eat my pussy. Frankie got between my legs and bathed the folds of my cunt with his tongue. He sucked on my clit and fingered my hole until I was writhing and squealing with orgasm.
            After I'd come, I crawled over to Gregg and took his cock into my mouth. He watched and cheered me on as I sucked Gregg's hard dick and played with his balls. When he started to spasm, I opened wide and took his load down my throat.
            Now that he'd come, Gregg wanted to know why "Peggy" was still fully dressed. Frankie said something about being too tired to fuck him. Then I said I was tired too, so Gregg left. Frankie and I had a god laugh over this. He immediately stripped and slipped his steak into me from behind, frigging my clit as he drove into me doggie-style. "Feel my cock!" he said over and over again in his cute little girlie voice. It had been pretty interesting sucking Gregg's cock, but feeling Frankie's dick inside me that afternoon convinced me that he would always be the one for me.
            To this day, our biggest turn-on is getting Frankie all decked out like a woman. We have a special harness to hold his penis snug against his body. I fuck in his dick, then he slips into pantyhose, a bra. a dress and shoes. We go out and flirt with men all night long, then return home and fuck and suck until the sun comes up and our cock and pussy are numb.
            I love my sissy-boy Frankie more than I've ever loved anyone else. He may look like the total woman, but to me, he's all man. -S. W, Indianapolis, Indiana


I am in my forties, and my wife Lena is in her thirties. I was recently unemployed for nine months, and was driving my family crazy. A young couple, Barry and Victoria, moved in next door to us. Although they were very nice, I didn't think we would have much in common. They are both in their early twenties and travel with a much younger crowd.
            It all started in early July when I was cutting the lawn on our riding mower. Barry was trimming the hedges between our houses. As had become our custom, we stopped and talked for a while. Then out of the blue, Barry asked if Lena ever cut our lawn with the riding mower. I said, "No," because that was a job I always did.
            Without a word, Barry pointed across his property to his wife. Victoria was riding their mower in a halter top and shorts, which revealed almost all of her ample figure. It occurred to me that for a woman who was doing a monotonous, time-consuming chore, she had a big smile on her face.
            Without mincing words, Barry said, "Victoria gets off while cutting the lawn. She never lets me do it. I'll bet she's coming for the third time already."
            I didn't know how to respond, but I didn't have to. Barry just kept talking. "Watch her for a while and you'll see what I mean," he said. "It's great. When she's finished with the lawn, she'll be so horny we'll have to spend the rest of the afternoon in bed."
            My skepticism got the best of me, and I told him so. "That's awfully hard to believe," I said. "In fact, it sounds like the biggest line of bull I've ever heard."
            "Suit yourself," he said. "But if you hear a woman's voice screaming, 'Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!' coming from my house tonight, just know it ain't no videotape."
            I still thought Barry was telling me a tall tale, but I finally admitted to him that he had piqued my curiosity. In order to prove his point, when Victoria finished the lawn, he called her over to talk with us for a minute. As she walked over in her tiny little out-fit, her tits practically popping out for the entire world to see, he told me to pay particular attention to the crotch of her shorts.
            Indeed I did, and saw that the material was darkened by considerable moisture. When Victoria headed back into the house, swaying her tight buns like a cheerleader, Barry said, "That was pussy juice. Nectar of the gods." With that, he followed his wife inside, calling over his shoulder to me, "See you tomorrow!"
            With a cock hard enough to do chin-ups on, I welt back to my work, still thinking of Victoria. While trimming my side of the hedges a little while later, I could hear moans and groans of joy coming from their bedroom, and knew Barry had been telling the truth.
            The following week, Barry embarked on a two-week business trip to Eastern Europe. On the first Saturday he was gone, I saw his wife riding contentedly on their lawn mower, cutting the grass. I was working outside as well, doing some landscaping with my shirt off. I positioned myself so I could see Victoria without her noticing me. Every so often she would wiggle in the seat, or slightly adjust her butt and rub the front of her very short shorts.
            Just as she finished mowing the lawn, I got two glasses of iced tea and offered her one. We chatted while cooling off with our drinks. I couldn't keep my eyes off her smooth body, which was almost entirely exposed by her shorts and bikini top, and covered with a thin, sexy film of sweat. The boner I'd popped from standing next to her just kept getting harder and longer.
            We talked about Barry, and Victoria said. "He's never around when I need him." I asked if she wanted some work done around the house, and she said, "No, it's not that kind of need."
            I asked her to be more specific, and she just blurted out, "I'm horny as hell from the vibrations of that damned lawn mower!"
            I looked closely at her to see if she was asking me to fill that need, but she quickly changed the subject. We finished our drinks, and then went off to complete our yard work.
            Later that afternoon, the phone rang. It was Victoria. She said she was still horny and, if I would promise not to tell her husband, she wanted me to come over and fuck her. "Come in through the sliding doors in back," she said. "Hurry!"
            My wife was gone for the afternoon, doing the grocery shopping. There was no way I was going to miss out on the opportunity to bang Victoria.
            I ran right over to her place and opened the sliding doors. There she was, on the floor, stretched out on her back, stark naked. What a body! My eyes were drawn to her tan lines, especially to the white triangles they left on her fluffy, round tits. As I undressed, she kept urging me to hurry up. "I want you now!"
            I finished undressing and knelt between her legs, lowering my head to her pussy. I'd barely begun to lick her cunt when she exploded with a shuddering orgasm, flooding my mouth and face with her lust-honey. After I brought her to two or three quick climaxes, I switched to the missionary position and entered her.
            Her cunt was extremely tight, and she continuously wiggled and moaned as I fucked her with a slow, steady rhythm. Her hips ! were like a machine, the undulating motions milking a pair of orgasms out of me in the long afternoon we spent fucking. We lost f track of the time, and when we checked the clock it was almost , time for my wife to get home..
            We hadn't spent all of that time on the floor either. Victoria I' was especially fond of being fucked while sitting on me--to mimic action of the riding mower, I suppose-and for a long l time she. sat on my lap, her back to me, while I was perched in her rocking chair, rolling back and forth as she pumped up and t down on my steel-hard erection.
            The next few weeks, while her husband was away, were just as " good. Victoria cut the lawn at least twice a week, giving her pussy a tantalizing workout and making her as horny as a virgin bride. Being the good friend and neighbor I am, I was always there to take care of her needs when her mowing was finished.
            We discussed our sexual fantasies. I have always wanted to .make love to two women at once, and Victoria has always wanted to make it with another couple. She told me that she finds my wife very attractive and sexy, and we have given serious thought to asking my wife, and Victoria's husband, if they are interested in having a foursome.
            Now that her husband's back in town, Victoria and I are no longer sleeping together. But a few days ago she suggested to my wife that she try riding our lawn mower once in a while. Victoria is sure that after a couple of vibrating excursions on her mower, Lena will be so turned on she'll be ready to help fulfill our four- way sexual fantasy . -Name and address withheld