Domination & Discipline


Reading your magazine has prompted me to write about something that happened to me when I was eighteen. My parents worked, so we had a female college student living with us. In exchange for a place to stay, Amanda did housework and “baby-sat” me. Amanda was a pretty girl with large breasts.
            During my summer vacation, I started hiding in the closet of her bedroom while she was in the shower. When Amanda would come out, I’d watch her get dressed.
            One day I must have made some noise, because she caught me in the closet with my dick in my hand. Was she mad! She threatened to tell my parents when they got home, and I was so scared and embarrassed, I started begging her not to tell.
            After she cooled off a little, Amanda got me to agree that I deserved to be punished, and said that we could work something out.
            Amanda ordered me .to get undressed and lie across her knees so she could give me a spanking. She spanked my ass until it was red and sore, then laughed at me because my dick was rock-hard. That was just the beginning.
            Amanda proceeded to make me her “little slave boy.” I had to put on her silky panties and do all the housework. To make sure I didn’t tell my parents, she took pictures of me wearing her panties and pushing the vacuum. She swore she’d give copies of the pictures to all my friends if I spoke a word to anybody. Later that day she made me eat her pussy and lick her asshole. She also spanked me again, and this time I came in her panties, so she made me eat my own come.
            The rest of the summer, while my friends were partying at the beach, I spent most of my time serving my mistress. On Saturday nights, when my parents went out to dinner, Amanda made me model her lingerie for her friends. By the end of the evening,
            I would have eaten the girls out, been spanked at least once, and led to the bedroom, where the girls would tie me up and take turns sticking dildos up my rear end.
            When Amanda finally graduated from college, she fucked me once, burned the pictures and said it had been fun. I haven’t seen her since, but I actually miss being her slave. I’ve dated a lot of women since then, but have never been in a relationship that was as satisfying. I will continue to look for the right woman to be my next mistress.-K.D., Portland, Maine


After reading about guys who were forced by their wives or girl friends to suck cock, I thought I would relate an experience I had a few years ago.
            I was dating a girl named Dana who was absolutely beautiful. She was thirty-two years old, five feet nine inches tall and one hundred twenty-five pounds with thick, flowing brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, a perfect smile and a body that would make a centerfold jealous. She was a definite head-turner, and she knew it. We had been dating for about a year when I made the mistake of having a fling with a sexy girl I had met at work. Dana found out and called me at home to tell me that I had humiliated her by sleeping with this girl and that she didn’t want to see me any more. I told her I was sorry and begged her to give me a second chance. She said that she would think it over, and told me to come to her house the next evening at seven o’clock for her answer.
            I knocked on her door at seven o’clock on the dot. When Dana let me in, I saw that her friend Charles was visiting. Charles is very openly gay.
            Dana called me into her bedroom and told me that she would give me one more chance, but that I would have to be punished. She said that since I’d humiliated her, she was going to humiliate me. If I wanted to get back together with her, I would have to have sex with Charles while she watched. I just stood there in disbelief. Dana said she would give me until the count of ten to make up my mind.
            When she got to ten, I still hadn’t said a word, so she grabbed me by the arm and told me to leave. I pleaded with her, but she held firm. She then informed me that she was going to call one of her friends from work, go over to his house and fuck his brains out. She knew that would get to me, so I agreed to her terms. She said that because I’d hesitated, I would have to ask her permission to have sex with Charles. She ordered me to get on my knees and beg to suck his cock. Dana told me that she was going to teach me a lesson I’d never forget. She wanted to watch Charles fuck me up the ass, and wanted to watch me kiss, lick and suck his cock.
            I was led back into the living room, where Dana ordered me to do a striptease. Once naked I was told to dance around the room and pose for them. Dana then put lipstick, makeup, a wig, a garter belt and stockings on me. Then I was instructed to undress Charles. He had blond hair and a muscular build. But as good-looking as he was, I was not at all interested in having sex with him.
            Once Charles was nude, Dana ordered me to kiss and lick every inch of his body, starting with his toes. I was told to save his cock for last. When I got up to his chin, Dana made me French-kiss him. Charles put his hand behind my head and shoved his tongue down my throat. Dana told me to kiss and lick his cock. While I did it, Dana taunted me, and really making the most out of the situation. Then she told me to beg Charles for permission to suck his cock. I paused for a few seconds, and Dana yelled, “Do it!”
            I dropped to my knees and said, “Please, sir. May I please suck your cock? Please? I beg of you, sir, please let me suck your big cock.”
            Dana really got off on this, and made me plead for about ten minutes. Then she said, “Okay, you can suck it, but first I want to watch him fuck you in the ass.”
            They bent me over a chair, and Charles stuck his cock up my rear and pounded away. Dana asked me how it felt to be fucked up the ass. “You like it, don’t you?” she yelled.
            “Yes, ma’am, I like being fucked in the ass.”
            Dana told Charles not to come, because she wanted him to come in my mouth so she could watch me swallow it. Charles pulled his cock out of my ass. After running to the bathroom to wash it off, he came back and shoved it in my mouth. Dana told me to suck it until he came. She was incredibly aroused, and really turned up the verbal humiliation. She said, “Suck that cock!”
            I stopped sucking his cock momentarily. Dana was quick to slap my cock and start yelling at me again. “Put that cock back in your mouth and start sucking it. Suck it until he shoots his load in your mouth. You better swallow it all.”
            I felt Charles’s cock start to throb. Dana saw the scared look on my face and put her hand behind my head, ordering me to swallow every drop. Charles exploded in my mouth, and I tried to back away, but Dana kept me in place.
            Before the evening was over, Dana forced me to masturbate for them. I had never masturbated in front of anyone before, and it only added to my embarrassment. She had me ejaculate on Charles’s cock, then lick it all off. While I was licking my own come, Charles got hard again. Dana smiled and said, “Suck him off. I don’t think you’ve had enough come tonight.”
            I sucked Charles’s cock until he shot his load into my mouth.
            Dana informed me that if I ever pissed her off again, I would receive the same kind of punishment. I dated her for two years after that incident, and the punishment was repeated at least two dozen times during that period. I was so infatuated with her, I couldn’t stand the thought of her leaving me. -J.M.,Indianapolis, Indiana