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One of my best sexual experiences occurred the summer after my senior year in high school. My two best friends and I went on a camping trip for a few days. We were at my parents’ cabin in the mountains, and it was a hot summer day, so we got our beer and headed for the river to go skinny-dipping. After about an hour in the water we decided we would get out and lie on the river bank to dry off.
            Our talk turned to blowjobs. It was obvious we were all getting horny. Wayne said he wished his girlfriend was there to take care of his prick. Terry asked if we had ever thought about fooling around with other guys. Wayne said that he’d always been curious about it. Terry leaned forward and took Wayne’s thick cock in his hands and started slowly jacking him off. I was getting very aroused, so I reached over, grabbed Terry’s huge prick and started to stroke it.
            We decided to go to the cabin before anyone caught us. When we got there, we all got into the shower and started washing each other’s body. I felt Wayne’s hand playing with my dick and balls. My cock was so hard I thought I would get off right then. I started to play with Terry’s cock. I felt Wayne licking my stiff rod, then felt his warm lips wrapped around me. It felt wonderful. Terry got on his knees to suck Wayne. Wayne started to take my cock down his throat. My girlfriend loves to suck my cock, but she doesn’t come close to Wayne’s expertise. It didn’t take long before my nuts were tingling. I warned Wayne that I was going to lose it, but his lips started pumping me faster and faster until his mouth was filled with my semen. Wayne must have shot, his load at the same time, because Terry had Sperm on his face.
            Wayne and I started to take turns sucking Terry’s cock. I loved the way the head felt as Wayne slid his cock back and forth along my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I felt his dick throbbing, so I started sucking faster and he unloaded his balls down my throat.
            We decided to put an X-rated movie in the VCR and watch it in the nude. Soon we were in a circle giving each other blowjobs. Terry was sucking me, I was sucking Wayne and he was sucking Terry. Terry was taking my cock all the way to the base. I sucked Wayne’s cock faster and faster, and he was soon blasting me with another load of slippery cream. I had never experienced anything like it before in my life. I could feel Wayne’s cock getting harder and thicker as he released his load. It seemed to go on forever. I couldn’t hang on any longer, and shot my load off into Terry’s mouth.
            We were all worn out. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. I have never told my girlfriend what my friends and I do on our monthly weekend getaways. I just tell her that we give male bonding a new meaning. We couldn’t be closer friends. -Name and address withheld


I am an ardent bisexual woman who is wild about young beach bunnies. Five years ago I divorced a wealthy man and used the settlement money to open a bikini boutique in Miami. It’s a position that puts me in close contact with thousands of girls each year.
            I think of myself as an attractive woman, thirty years old and lean. I wear my blonde hair short and my nails long. Recently I had an experience that I’ll never forget.
            It was Spring Break week, and the bars and beaches around here were crawling with beautiful young women. I had just closed shop and was sipping a glass of Chablis, when a couple of girls peered through the front window. Naturally I unlocked the door and allowed them in. After thanking me for reopening, the girls eyed the open bottle of wine. I laughed. “Well, as long as I’m technically closed, would you two care to join me?” The girls helped themselves to the wine while I discreetly locked the front door.
            My young friends introduced themselves as Sue and Angela, both nineteen and down from Santa Barbara for the week. Sue was pretty enough, but I could not take my eyes off Angela. Full-figured and deeply tanned, with sparkling green eyes and a long, thick mane of chestnut-colored hair, Angela wore a pair of denim cut-offs and a T-shirt tied in a knot above her bare midriff. My mouth was dry with desire.
            I was cooking up ways to seduce Angela, when Sue suddenly leaped up as if she’d been shot. “Oh my God,” she cried, “I was supposed to meet Timmy downtown an hour ago!” What luck! As sincerely as I could, I commiserated with Sue for having to leave so suddenly, but I insisted that Angela stick around and try on a bikini or two.
            With Sue out of the picture, I stood up and took Angela by the band. “Let’s see if we can find the right bikini to show off that lovely body of yours,” I purred. I plucked a particularly racy pep-permint-striped number off the rack and handed it to her. “This will bring out your tan,” I suggested. Angela looked around for a dressing room.
            “Ob dear,” I laughed, “I’ve got a million things for you to try on. If you keep going in and out of that dressing room, we’ll be here all night!” Without waiting for a response, I crossed the room and drew the shades. When I turned, Angela had disrobed and was standing there completely naked.
            I caught my breath. She was even more beautiful than I had imagined! Her breasts, luxuriously full and minus even a hint of sag. were tipped with the biggest, most beautiful bubble-gum-pink areolae I have ever seen. Her nipples, thick as gumdrops, jutted out a good three-quarters of an inch. Angela’s waist was thin and elegant, her belly fine, round and deeply tanned, tapering down to a luxuriant mass of chestnut-colored pussy hair. Her pussy itself was ravishing beyond description. The lips were luscious, fat and rosy, peeking out from beneath her thick bush.
            Fighting to keep my voice from trembling, I asked Angela to bring over the measuring tape I’d left on the counter. This gave me a chance to drink in that magnificent thus, white as snow and so full that it jiggled as she walked. Angela turned, and I stared in open admiration. “You’re quite a catch,” I whispered. Angela said nothing, but she blushed deeply. In that instant I knew she would be mine. ‘
            “Lift your arms for me,” I told her gently, approaching from behind with the measuring tape. “I may need to alter the top.” With Angela’s arms upraised, I cupped the bikini top under her overripe tittles, mischievously running a thumb along one of those big nipples as I did. “You ought to carry insurance on these,” I teased. Angela giggled. She was aroused, and I knew it. Pressing my advantage, I slid my hands down her smooth belly and whispered hot into her ear. “Have you ever made love to a woman, Angela?” Again Angela said nothing, but her nipples suddenly popped fully erect.
            “Oh, darling,” I murmured, “they’re so beautiful....and so big!” Cupping my hands under her breasts and caressing the fat nipples with my thumbs, I began grinding my pubis into her baby-soft ass in the eternal dance of love. Angela moaned and turned to kiss me. Gently but firmly my roving hands took possession of her beautiful pussy. She was soaking wet!
            Something about the smell and feel of her young body triggered an animal frenzy in me. I captured first one and then the other of her big nipples in my hungry mouth, sucking and slurping across her tender belly, tonguing the deep cleft of her navel, burying my face in her thick bush. Dropping even lower, I attacked her pussy, teasing erect the head of her large clit and devouring it mercilessly, until Angela came in a series of hysterical spasms.
            Eventually Angela and I adjourned to my beachfront apartment, where she spent the night in my arms. I could not get enough of my ravishing young playmate, stirring her frequently in the night for more love play. Angela left town at the end of the week, but I got a Christmas card from her reminding me that she’ll be in town for Spring Break again this year. I’m already making plans! -M.V, Miami, Florida