Pursuit & capture


I am a young marine stationed at a base in the South. I come from a small town in Iowa, where I have a very sexy young lady waiting for me. Her name is Jenny. Before I was stationed at this base, I attended boot camp on Parris Island. While I was in boot camp, the only thing I could think of was my beautiful hometown honey. There were many times when thoughts of making hard, I passionate love to her were all that kept me going. At least once a week I would have a wet dream in which she was the star attraction. She has an excellent body and an awesome pussy, so you can understand how horny I was most of the time.
            I was thrilled when graduation day finally arrived. Although boot camp had seemed like it would go on forever, it was finally over and I knew I'd get to see my honey again. I could hardly wait! Jenny accompanied my mother and stepfather to the Parris Island graduation ceremony. She wore a beautiful floral print dress that showed just enough skin to tease me. Of course I couldn't look at her very much during the ceremony for fear of my madman drill instructor jumping all over my ass, but I snuck a peek at her whenever I thought the coast was clear. There I was, standing ramrod straight in the scorching heat with a huge hard-on in front of hundreds of people. I couldn't wait to get the fuck off that island and sink my cock into my baby doll's hot, wet pussy.
            Immediately after graduation, Jenny and I headed for home. I had a two-week furlough before I would be shipped off to my first assignment, and I was really looking forward to having some time off. Since Iowa is a long drive from South Carolina, we planned to stop off at a motel to spend the night. When we arrived at the motel, I felt myself getting extremely nervous as well as excited. After all, it had been a long three months without any sex in boot camp! I was dying to feel Jenny's mounds of flesh in my mouth and to feel her tight pussy engulfing my cock. Although on one hand I couldn't wait, I was also feeling some predominance anxiety. After all, we hadn't been together in months.
            When we got to the room and slowly started to kiss and caress each other, it was like our first time all over again. After about fifteen minutes of foreplay , I slowly started to take off her dress, which I had been dying to take off for hours anyhow. First I exposed her tits. Her nipples were hard as rocks. Let me tell you, they were a sight for sore eyes!
            It wasn't long before I had her completely undressed and lying on the bed. I immediately started to run my tongue all around the hot lips of her sex. She squirmed in ecstasy under me. She was so wet, and her juices tasted so good, that I licked up every drop of pussy juice that I could get from her.
            She begged me to fuck her, and by this time I had the biggest throbbing hard-on that I'd ever had in my life. I slowly took off my pants and exposed myself to tease her a little. I stood there for a minute to show off my new, hardened Marine Corps body. She was quite horny, so she' just grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me down on top of her.
            I ran my cock up and down her slit to stimulate her a little more. When she couldn't handle it any longer, she grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy. Her tunnel was so tight I could hardly believe it. It felt so good, I came almost immediately. I shot a huge load of come into her.
            My cock continued to stay hard, so I kept on going because it felt too awesome to quit. Besides, she was loving it, and I didn't want to let her down. After about half an hour of steady pumping, I blew my second wad into her. By this time she had had several serious orgasms and was squirming all over the bed. I love it when she does that. I actually enjoy her orgasms more than my own, because it gives me a great deal of pleasure to know that I have satisfied her completely.
            The sex we had that night was probably the best we've ever had. We have been lovers for almost two years, but that night was simply awesome. After all, they do say that absence makes the heart grow fonder! I'd like to add that it also makes the dick grow harder! You never forget the first time you and the woman you cherish make love, and you never forget the best time either. -C.J., Cedar Rapids, Iowa


I'm lying in bed naked. You're all I can think of. It's so lonely here. I can't sleep. I wish you were here with me. I pretend that you are lying next to me in bed. I imagine that I can even hear you breathing.
            I turn to lie on you, resting my head on your chest. You put your arm around me and pull me closer. I start to play with your nipples. My tongue slowly circles your left nipple as my fingers caress your right nipple. You moan lightly. I slowly suck on your left nipple as I move my hand down your stomach.
            My hand reaches the waistband of your briefs. As I start to lick your neck, I slowly slip my hand into your underwear. I gently touch the tip of your penis, and you moan and pull me even closer. I tilt your head toward me and press my lips against yours. Our mouths open and our tongues begin to dance a slow dance. My hand strokes your penis and your balls. Our kiss grows more passionate. Your penis becomes hard and erect. I run my finger-tips lightly up and down the shaft, hearing you moan with passion.
            I pull away from your lips and start to nibble on your ear. You reach over and cup my left breast, squeezing it lightly. You tease my nipple with your fingertips and I squeeze your penis. Then I push your hand away and lean over to suck your nipples. My tongue playfully moves from the left one to the right one. Next it travels down your stomach to your underwear. I pull off your briefs and move down to the foot of the bed to suck your big toe. Then I start licking my way back up the inside of your leg.
            When I reach your scrotum, I gently suck your right ball and then your left. My mouth moves up and I take your penis into my mouth. My head bobs up and down while my tongue dances around your penis. I caress your inner thighs with my hands as I  suck, suck, suck your penis.
            I lift my head and dangle my breasts over your penis and balls. I move my body up onto yours and we kiss hungrily. You roll me over and suck on my tit. Your fingers play with my nipple. My legs are spread wide with desire. Your hand moves down, and you slowly play with my clit. You push a finger deep inside me. You I remove it and bring it to my lips to suck dry.
            Then your head goes down to suck the sweet juices out of my cunt. Just when I feel as if I am going to explode with passion. I lift your head. I position your penis between my breasts and slowly tit fuck you, pressing them tightly around your cock. Suddenly you explode, bathing the sheets with your semen. I scoop some up and massage it into me like an exotic oil, making my breasts sticky.
            As I turn over to kiss you, I realize you are not there. It was only a dream. -L.M., New York, New York