I arrived at ‘the airport in time to see my girlfriend’s plane land and taxi down the runway toward the terminal. I waited impatiently, my heart beating very rapidly with excitement, for her to disembark. It felt as though we hadn’t seen each other in months instead of weeks. I craved to hold her tightly in my arms, to kiss and caress her allover.
            Just then they wheeled a portable staircase over to the plane so the passengers could descend down onto the tarmac. The door to the jet opened and the passengers began to file out and walk down the stairs.
            As I intently scrutinized each passenger coming through the jet’s door, I finally spotted my girl! She paused at the top of the staircase for a moment, as if she were making a grand entrance, and looked around. I wondered if she was looking for me. God, she looked so hot! I could hardly stand still. She was wearing high heels and a veryshort dress that hugged her body’s curves perfectly. I noticed that I wasn’t the only one watching her as she walked down the stairs.
            I couldn’t help but notice that with each downward step she took, her dress slowly crept farther and farther up her thighs. I wasn’t sure if she didn’t even realize it, or if she was doing it purposely because she knew it would drive me crazy!
            I thought my cock would explode. As she took her final step down onto the tarmac, she stumbled forward, almost falling, causing her dress to ride up even higher and expose her bare ass to the world. At that moment I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties, and no doubt so could everyone else. As she reached behind to tug her dress back down (just far enough to cover her cheeks), she finally caught sight of me, smiled and called out my name.
            As she hurried over to me, we embraced passionately. I knew she could feel my hard cock pressed up against her. Just then she whispered in my ear, “I knew my little scheme would have its desired effect on you.” I’d had a feeling she had planned it all from the start! God, I really love her!
            I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but there were too many people around, not to mention too many security guards. As we waited at baggage claim for her luggage, she just kept on wriggling her ass at me and doing little things to tease me. I felt as though my cock was going to rip right through my jeans.
            Then, as the luggage started coming around on the conveyor belt, she purposely bent over in front of me, scrutinizing each suitcase as though it were hers, just to have the opportunity to entice me again with her ass, which she knows I’m quite enamored of. I was about to go crazy!
            There were a lot of other guys watching her too, and that seemed to excite her even more. Of course I wasn’t worried at all, because I know that she’s mine and I’m hers. However, I have a feeling that she made more than a few wives and girlfriends rather jealous and even pissed off.
            As fate would have it, though, she got her come prance. As she bent over for the tenth time, this time to actually pick up her own suitcase, she teetered on her high heels and was thrown off balance as she grabbed the handle, no doubt because her suitcase was so heavy. I quickly came up behind her to give her a hand, but the forward motion of the conveyor belt had already caused her to fall forward. She fell over onto her suitcase, her ass up in the air and once again exposed. She wriggled around a minute, pretending that she couldn’t get up. I considered rescuing her, but then thought better of it. I figured I’d let her have her fun. After she’d gone all the way around the conveyor belt once, I finally grabbed a hold of her and lifted her off. By the look on her face, I knew she was really excited and had enjoyed the hell out of it!
            By the time we got to the car, we were both raring to go and ready to fuck. I was all set to pounce on her in the basket when security drove by, and we decided it would be prudent if we waited until we got home. But of course I couldn’t even wait that long.
            On the way home, I decided to pull over onto the shoulder of the freeway. I pretended there was something wrong with the car and told her I needed to check under the hood. I asked her to get out of the car and hold the flashlight for me. I positioned her so that she had to stretch way over the engine compartment, knowing her dress would again creep up her ass! I quickly moved behind her and stuck my throbbing cock into her awaiting bare pussy. As I reached around to caress her tits, she dropped the flashlight and yelled, “Yeah! Fuck me hard!” 
            As I came, I thought she was going to go crazy. She exploded in a paroxysm of pleasure. Needless to say, this was the start of a wild sexfest for us! -W.B, Palo Alto, California


After a failed marriage of fifteen years, where oral sex was considered dirty and lovemaking was passionless, it’s so wonderful to be engaged to a sexy, voluptuous, hot blooded Frenchwoman who oozes with eroticism. This fiery eyed nymph loves to suck my cock and can never get enough of it inside of her.
            Though I was completely faithful in my marriage, I had been around the block a few times before I got married, so I’ve made love to numerous women. Although most of my wild oats were sowed during the wild and crazy free love sixties, no woman I’ve ever been with compares with my current fiancee. I can’t tell you bow wonderful it is to finally have a partner who has a similar sex drive.
            I am a handsome forty-year-old Italian who loves sex. I am especially fond of big breasts and having my cock inside a wet and hungry mouth. My fiancee and I have been together for one and a half years. Last year we were both unemployed for five months, and we made the most of it sexually. We would make love all day and all night long.
            Often, after an all nighter of hot and sweaty lovemaking, my woman would wake me up, her head under the blankets as she licked and kissed my cock. It didn’t stop there, though. My pretty babe of thirty-two, with her long eyelashes and dark hair, would lay her head by my crotch and passionately suck my sleepy love tool until it stood up proud and tall. Groaning softly, she’d tell me how much she loved. having my cock in her mouth. She would lie naked for hours in this position, moaning in complete satisfaction, while her big, luscious lips were wrapped around my Italian sausage.
            I love watching her put on her makeup while she’s sitting at her vanity in panties and an overflowing bra. I also love burying my face in those 4OD boobs. I could get lost in her cleavage. I often suck and caress her tits for hours. Sometimes I’ll try to squeeze one of her luscious breasts into my mouth, but that’s always impossible because of their size! Her nipples are the size of silver dollars, but are worth their weight in gold to me. She loves when I straddle her while she’s lying on her back so I can slide my throbbing love pole through her cleavage. No silicone here just two natural and beautiful mounds that I can squeeze together while slowly tit-fucking her. Every time I expose those love-pillows, I’m amazed at my Amazon woman’s natural resources.
            She gets excited and soaks her panties with her sweet juices whenever I surprise her with a can of whipped cream, because she knows she can anticipate hours of good eating before a very special desecrate. Of course, a full course meal always starts out with an antipasto. Her favorite is sucking on a couple of ripe, dark, oval olives. She loves to mangia on my Italian style delicacies, whether served plain or in a creamy sauce.
            After the first course, my lusty lover is famished and panting for seconds. I slowly shimmy my cock almost within reach of her hungry lips as her tongue attacks the sensitive tip. With one hand on my rear, she pulls me into her desirous mouth. Noisily sucking and devouring me inch by inch, her head madly bobs back and forth, sucking me deeper and deeper till nothing is visible but my pubic hair and a very satisfied lady with a mouthful of cock.
            Then it’s my turn to lie on my stomach while my busty babe straddles me. She gently massages my back, rear and thighs with her warm breasts, sending chills through my body. As a finale, she kisses my balls and inner thighs from behind.
            We then continue making love. On all fours, she waits anxiously for me to penetrate her. I slowly put my cockhead in her slit and then withdraw, repeating this motion to make her even more horny. She whimpers, “How do you do that?” before she pleads for the whole length. After hours of teasing each other, with hormones raging and juices flowing, we ride to the finish. At these times an almost religious fervor takes over my sexy nymph, and she begs me not to withdraw my blessing, but to leave it in that sacred place all night.
            Whenever we drive anywhere, the first thing she does, whether I’m in jeans or a suit, is unzip my pants and devour my cock. Eagerly she clamps down on my stick shift, and there’s no way I can put on the brakes!
            One time the air bag opened by mistake while she was suiting me and, with her mouth stuck on my cock, she couldn’t move. An hour later help finally arrived. My lusty lover never once complained, and even wanted to know if we could try it again! Another time I gave a stranded motorist a lift. He sat in the backseat, and I told him my girlfriend was lying down, taking a nap up front. He and I chatted, and be was completely unaware that my sweetie was actually savoring every inch of my throbbing cock. With her lips locked on my erection, she tamed the wild beast with oral persuasion, but refused to put it back into its cage until she was done playing with it.
            When we talk on the phone, she tells me the sound of my voice gets her panties soaked. Whenever we don’t see each other for a few days, my woman lets me know that my meat’s in for a treat when I bring it home. When I walk in, a dozen roses in hand, she French kisses me, puts one hand on my bulge and the other on my zipper, then lead, me to the bedroom. She immediately disrobes mc and whispers that we have hours of catching do.
            I can’t imagine any other woman fulfilling my needs like she does. My woman is all woman! She’s a total woman, and I’m proud to be her man! -A.M., New York, New York