Someone's Watching


My wife Sharon and I have been married for twenty years, and together for twenty-two. In her younger days my wife was very popular, and as a result had a number of sexual relationships. She was in such a relationship when we met.
            After nine years of marriage I started getting restless and bored with our sex life. I started reading Penthouse Letters, as well as other sex publications. We both got a charge out of them and they rekindled our sex life. We started sharing our fantasies with each other. My wife's fantasies were all very laid back, while mine were a little on the kinky side.
            My prime fantasy was to see my wife fuck another man. We talked about this, and it was very arousing, but the fantasy lacked details.
            After a lot of discussion, Sharon said she'd like to try it, and we had to think who her new partner would be. It would have to be someone discreet and clean, maybe one of her earlier sex partners, maybe someone new.
            One night, while enjoying some sex play, she shyly mentioned our friend Thom. Thom has wanted my wife Sharon from the time we first met. Thom has dated one of Sharon's close friends, and we have always talked openly about sex. He seemed a good choice.
            My wife called him on the phone that same night, about nine o'clock. To our surprise he answered, as he usually goes out. Sharon asked why he was home and he said Susan was sick and he was sitting home bored stiff. My wife told him the stiff part sounded very interesting, and to hold that thought and come over. He told her, "Don't tease me; in my condition I might take you up on that." My wife responded with, "Please do. You won't be sorry," and with that she hung up the phone and unplugged it wasn't sure he'd come, but he was there in about thirty minutes. My wife met him at the door in a white shirt of mine, a white garter belt, tan hose and white high heels. She greeted him with a giant French kiss that about brought him out of his shoes. A really special night followed, but my wife told me the next day that she didn't need or want any other dick in her pussy than mine. This was a letdown to me, and our sex life went back to the old routine.
            My wife returned to college and graduated with a master's degree. She also started going to church, and was "saved," or born again. This in itself put a lot of strain on our marriage, as I'm the same guy I've always been. .
            My wife now has a job that takes her from 'Cincinnati to Columbus once a week with a co-worker, a two-hour drive each way.
            Sharon was doing the driving one trip. They had to gas up, and my wife got out and started pumping while Eli did some paper work. He asked Sharon a question and, startled, she bumped the hose and sent eighty-nine octane flying everywhere, including on her brand new dress.
            My wife is a natural blonde with very sensitive skin. She has a firm thirty-six-inch bustline and thirty-inch waist and is very healthy looking. Also at my request she wears only a garter belt to support her tan hose no panties or bra-and high heel pumps. This dress code of mine is to allow me to fantasize about others maybe getting a peek of her private parts.
            Well, chivalry isn't dead. Eli offered her his sport coat. Sharon still had to get out of her gas-drenched dress. To make matters worse, it was about ten at night and there was no place to buy anything new. The sport coat was going to have to do. Sharon now had to explain to the professor about her dress, or lack of, and why her kinky husband. asked her to dress that way.
            He, said he understood and not to give it another thought. Sharon headed for the ladies' room to wash off. She was able to get quite clean and with a little perfume was good as new or better, being without a dress. Now, my wife is only five feet tall, and Eli is himself about five foot seven, which allowed very little material to cover my wife's nakedness. The coat just barely covered my wife's pretty little pussy, and anyone close could see the naked skin above her tan hose. When she was sitting behind the wheel and shifting gears, one can only imagine the beaver shot she would be giving the young professor.
            My wife said the professor about swallowed his tongue when she got back in the car, and this, while being embarrassing, was also very arousing to her. Remember, this is a church-going' Christian girl of thirty-eight years of age.
            My wife said that Eli could not keep his eyes on anything but her, and knowing this good-looking guy was able to see anything he wanted was making her hotter than tolerable. She told him this and asked him to turn out the map light.
            Sharon said they pulled off the interstate to breather their composure. This proved to be the worst thing they could have done. Eli started rubbing himself, and this really excited my already horny wife" Soon they were both masturbating while watching one another. When Eli pulled his dick from his pants, my wife could not believe the size of his sex-root. She said that compared to my six-and-a-half-inch dick this one must be eight inches long and seven or eight inches around. The sight of this huge risk was just too much for her to let alone, so she reached over to give Eli some welcome assistance.
            My wife loves to suck cock, so it was understandable that in a matter of seconds she had to have that male member in her mouth. At this point the professor leaned over and stuck two fingers in her steaming cunt. My wife informed me that his dick in her mouth was too much to let get away without being able to experience how it would feel to have this giant of a cock in her very wanting pussy, so they had to leave the car.
            They went to a grassy area invisible from the road, where this guy fucked my wife's little tight pussy with that monster for what seemed to her to be "much too short a time. My wife said that, even though she was very hot and wet, when he first pushed that dick between her wide-open legs it still hurt a little, but she had to have his organ inside of her cunt.
            When she told me the whole story, she said she had never experienced anything as overwhelming as being filled by his giant cock. She also told me that she had climaxed three times in that short period. She has never in her life had more the one orgasm in a single fuck session.
            It was good to know that we still had no secrets, or so I thought at the time. I told her I forgave her. I also found this incident to be very sexually arousing, and told Sharon I would love to hear more. The next week's trip came and I hoped to hear of some more sex advances, but when my wife said was how much she loves me. This was nice, but I had hoped for something erotic.
            A few weeks went by, and my wife was in better spirits' than usual. We enjoyed some good lovemaking, her story still fresh in our minds. One Friday, Sharon told me she was going out with her girlfriends Susan and Kris. This was not uncommon, but I happened to know that Thom and Susan were going out of town for the weekend. I decided to see what was up, so I went to the local restaurant where she was supposed to meet her friends. Her car was there, so I decided to wait a while. Sharon was there only about half an hour when she came back out-not with her friends, though. Sharon was walking out with that's right the professor.
            They both left, with my wife following him and me clout not too close-behind them both. They drove to the country, and at that point I knew where they were headed, so I dropped a little way back.
            I parked my car a short distance up his long private drive and walked to the house. The lights were on, so I started snooping around. I went from window to window until I got to the patio. Music was playing and I could hear both of their voices through the sliding screen door. I could see inside without them discovering me, as by now it was about midnight and very dark outside. There was my Christian wife in a black miniskirt, a white, translucent, criss-cross, low-cut blouse with no bra, a black garter belt, tan hose and black high heels. This is not what she had on when she left home; she bad changed at the restaurant.
            Through the door I could see them on the couch. He was kissing my pretty wife allover, but she would not let him kiss her on the lips. She kept telling him, "Love is for my husband, this is just sex-good sex, but nonetheless sex." Eli pushed the mini up to her waist and fully exposed my wife's pretty blonde pussy. He began probing her hole with his thumb while rubbing her clit with his forefinger. Sharon unzipped his fly and let out the biggest dick I've ever seen. I have never seen a dick so large in diameter in all my years playing sports, and now here was my wife rubbing and kissing this monster attached to another man. They were both getting hotter with every stroke. He pushed her back and planted his face in her pussy. She let out a sigh and pushed her hips solidly against his ,mouth. Eli then pulled back and started to shove his monster snake into my wife's hot box. I thought, There is no way all of that will fit in this little lady's pussy. Eli started going in very slowly, and as I saw the head go in, my wife's mouth dropped open and she let out a long, guttural moan of ecstasy.
            I have never seen such a sexy look of fulfillment and lust at the same time, and this was my very conservative, loyal wife, not a porn queen. After about six strokes my wife said to him, "Let me on top." Sharon stood up, pulled off her blouse, stepped out of
            her skirt and stood in front of this guy naked, so that he could see ! those beautiful tits sticking straight out and that pretty blonde j patch between her gorgeous leg-.
            She pulled him to the floor, put the pillows from the sofa under him and stood over him. Then my wife started to lower herself onto his love-pole. This was the best sight I have ever seen-my wife above this king dong, wearing only her black heels, hose, and black garter belt, and with the biggest "fuck me" look on her face I've ever seen.
            As the head of his cock touched her pussy, she lowered a little more and let out another groan, then impaled herself on this man's stiff rod. I was amazed as Sharon started fucking this guy. She was doing deep knee bends on this huge cock, with every plunge a scream of joy and with every withdrawal a deep breath and a call for more cock. She was going crazy with lust and de- sire. I didn't know this woman, but loved her desire to be completely and totally fucked. Those deep knee bends must have taken their toll on her gorgeous legs, as my wife fell on top of this newfound fuck partner and, with a wide-open mouth, gave the professor a very lusty French kiss. So much for keeping her love for me! With all the passion I've ever seen from her, she nearly creamed in his ear, saying "Fuck me now. Fuck me like I've never been fucked before."
            The professor quickly stood up, gathered up the couch cushions that were piled under his ass and put two of them in an arm chair. He scooped up my wife and laid her across the arms of the chair. Eli then put one of her legs on the back of the chair and with one thrust buried that giant, hard dick deep inside my wife's love-hole. My wife once again moaned loudly with joy, yelling, "Yes! Yes! Fuck me. Fuck me hard!" The professor was sawing in and out of my wife's cunt with fury. My wife started yelling, "Oooh, oooh, yeeeaaah!" By the look on her face and the broken words she was screaming, it was apparent my wife was coming' violently and continually, wave after wave rushing through her body.
            The professor just kept fucking that sweet little box for upward of half an hour before he finally moaned and started shooting his seed deep within my wife's now well-fucked pussy. Sharon told him that she had never felt so full of dick in her life, nor had she ever experienced so many orgasms during one encounter.
            I hurried back to my car and then home to change my come drenched pants before Sharon got home. She came home about an hour after I got out of the shower. She smelled fresh as a daisy. She carne over to me, gave me a big, wet French kiss, and said she had danced with a guy who had a bulge in his pants. "It made me very horny," she pouted, "I need a big dick in my pussy, right now."
            Being the guy I am, I gladly helped her with this problem. She was very wet and sticky inside, but had obviously taken a shower before returning home. We fucked for a while and she came only once, but while we were fucking I again mentioned how much I would love to see her with a big dick in her pussy. She told me that she had been thinking about me wanting this and way." considering doing it, but not as a threesome. She didn't want me fucking anybody else if she did agree to fuck somebody for my pleasure. My pleasure, I thought, yeah. While this will give me great pleasure, I wonder if she will try to convince me that her friend the professor would be a good choice or whether she will opt for someone I know nothing about. She did admit that she has a couple of ideas, but would not tell me who until she thought about it some more.
            I've just found out that I have to leave town for a few days and my wife has told me that she and her girlfriends were planning on going out that weekend, since I would be gone anyway. I wonder if it's true this time. -W.S., Cleveland, Ohio