1. Beyond  The Birds And Bees

  2. Male Sexual Organs

  3. Female  Sexual Organs

  4. Sexual  Intercourse

  5. Aphrodisiacs

  6. Impotence

  7. Frigidity

  8. Male Homosexuality

  9. Masturbation

  10. Sexual  Perversion

  11. Prostitution

  12. Birth Control

  13. Abortion

  14. Venereal  Disease

  15. Menopause

  16. September Sex


What is abortion? Abortion is simply the  interruption of a pregnancy.  I can happen either of two ways- accidentally or on purpose.

Most abortion happen on purpose.  The exceptions, accidental  abortion, result from physical  defects of the mother or the child, sometimes  both prostitutions sex.

They are called  spontaneous abortions, to distinguish them from the non-accidental kind, which are given the  rather dramatic little of criminal  Abortions. 

This is confusing since  some  allegedly criminal abortions are undertaken rather spontaneously.  It would be better  to call these events  deliberate abortions.

What causes  an accidental abortion? This type of abortion is probably nature’s way of saying no.  About half of these result from product defects. 

The sperm or ovum is imperfect and produces an imperfect embryo.  Such abortions, regretted as they may  be by the prospective parents, are  literally a blessing in disguise.  The baby they have lost is actually being thrown away by a vigilant reproductive defence mechanism. 

Virtually all such embryos are monstrosities.  A twist  of biological  fate has  rendered them unprepared for earthly life.  Careful examination of the products of accidental  abortion reveals   a Lilliputian chamber of horrors. 

There are  babies with no heads and those with two heads.  Some have heads but no brains,  others  have gigantic hollow brains bursting through their skulls.  There is no reason to regret the loss of these genetic masturbation.

What causes the other half of accidental abortions? The remainder are  determined  in the brief  moments of implantation when the fertilized  egg is being attacked to the lining of the  uterus. 

Sometimes there is a lapse at the critical moment   when the circulatory system of the mother is connected to the infant’s   blood supply.  If this  falters, the pregnancy  must falter, either then or later. Aredeliberate abortions more common than  accidental abortions female sexual organs.

Yes.  Accidental abortions, delicately referred to as  miscarriages, occur at the rate of about one million a year in the United States.

Deliberate abortion of the so-called criminal variety probably  exceed two million yearly.  If therapeutic abortions are added to the list  the proportion is even  higher.

Therapeutic abortions?  What’s a therapeutic abortions? A therapeutic abortion is an abortion done in a hospital, by a doctor sexual perversion.

The deliberate mechanical termination of a viable pregnancy done for a good reason-that is   for the health  of the mother or child- is called  a therapeutic abortion. 

It may not be immediately apparent how such a procedure can be beneficial  to the health  of the aborted embryo, but it can  work that way.

How can  abortion be good  for the child  who is aborted? German measles  or rubella is a mild virus  disease.  If a child gets it at the age of six years, it keeps him out of school about a week.  

If he gets it at the   age of minus six months  (three  months  after  conception) it keep him out of life.

How can be catch German measles in the uterus? From his mother.  If a woman contracts the infection in the first  three months of pregnancy it is likely that her  child will be born defective. 

In the unborn, the mild disease of childhood becomes  a sadistic ravager   of innocents venereal disease

If the pregnancy is allowed to continue the foetus may emerge at birth blind, deaf, mentally retarded with a defective  heart.  This is poor preparation for a competitive world.

For this reason, physicians agree that German measles in the  mother  is an absolute justification for concluding the pregnancy.