1. Beyond  The Birds And Bees

  2. Male Sexual Organs

  3. Female  Sexual Organs

  4. Sexual  Intercourse

  5. Aphrodisiacs

  6. Impotence

  7. Frigidity

  8. Male Homosexuality

  9. Masturbation

  10. Sexual  Perversion

  11. Prostitution

  12. Birth Control

  13. Abortion

  14. Venereal  Disease

  15. Menopause

  16. September Sex


What is frigidity? Frigidity is the word used to describe impaired sexual in women. It covers the entire range of substandard sexual response  from total avoidance of sexual contact to an occasional missed female sexual organs

The word frigidity is a  misleading one and was probably coined by a man.

Why is that? It shows a certain lack of understanding of women’s sexual  makeup by confusing  a symptom with a diseases. 

Inability to respond sexually is not a way of life that  any woman  chooses for herself; it is imposed on her by conditions beyond her birth control.  besides, the word already has its mind made up- frigid means cold and implies that the lady is deliberately sexually rejecting. 

That may not be true at all.  Perhaps a better term would be orgasmic impairment.  This, after all, is what all frigid women  have an common.  More important, it does not  prejudge  the situation and assign blame.

What tire the different forms of frigidity? Like impotence, orgasmic imperilment ranges all the way from undeniable and obvious sexual failure to the more subtle manifestations which may even masquerade as being presumably over- sexed.

The basic problem in orgasmic impairment (O-I for short) is that the brain and vagina are not reliably connected to each other. It is like a telephone with loose wires. Sometimes the line goes dead in the middle of a conversation. Sometimes the message gets through but is garbled in the process.

Sometimes the get the wrong number. Sometimes the phone doesn't even ring. What happens if the phone doesn't ring? Then the O-I is total and absolute. For all practical purposes the sexual organs don't even exist.

A woman afflicted with this condition has renounced all interest in sex and things sexual. She is misunderstood by her family and friends and relegated to the social shadows as a “frustrated old maid,” a title she certainly doesn't deserve.

Total orgasmic impairment  is a serious emotional problem and deserves to be treated as such. How does it come  about? Like every other emotional problem, it has its roots in the victim’s past.

No psychiatrist has ever seen a, woman with this condition who was raised by loving parents in a warm, secure family environment. Most women with total O-I suffered serious deprivation during childhood and after.

Their adult behavior often appears to be an unconscious means of perpetuating die coldness and isolation they experienced as children.

A lot of  things had to happen to turn a happy five-year-old moppet into a cynical, withdrawn, forty-year-old spinster. Unfortunately die emotional problem penetrates to every facet of woman’s personality.

Why is that? Sexual intercourse is simply a specialized type of social relationship; before a woman can have sexual intercourse with a man she must have social i11tercourse with him impotence.

The emotional blunting which is so obvious and dramatic in the sexual sphere permeates most other aspects of the woman's personality as well. Emily is a good example; her sister Hilda can describe her best: