1. Beyond  The Birds And Bees

  2. Male Sexual Organs

  3. Female  Sexual Organs

  4. Sexual  Intercourse

  5. Aphrodisiacs

  6. Impotence

  7. Frigidity

  8. Male Homosexuality

  9. Masturbation

  10. Sexual  Perversion

  11. Prostitution

  12. Birth Control

  13. Abortion

  14. Venereal  Disease

  15. Menopause

  16. September Sex


What is impotence? Impotence is a  penis that won’t do what it’s told.  In spite of an unbelievably  complex copulatory  control system maintained by the body,  the penis  may fail to respond to its commands at appropriate  times. 

This upsets the precise  progression of events  necessary for successful intercourse and the entire  undertaking fails abortion.  For real  disappointment, nothing matches the sputtering  out of a reluctant  penis.

Exactly what happens in impotence? There are several distinct types of impotence but they all have one thing  in common –sexual intercourse becomes  impossible.

The most frustrating potency defect of all is absolute impotence. In this condition, the penis acts as if it is  dead- it just  hangs there forlornly. 

No amount of stimulation can encourage it to become erect. The harder a man tries, the less he accomplishes.  Of course there is no possibility of sexual intercourse – it would  be like trying to unlock a door with a wet noodle. 

An accurate description  can only come from a man afflicted with this  form of  impotence.  Jerry is such a man.  He is forty-one, as been  married three  times, and is desperate.

I have been through a lot, Doc.  Married three times, going  through two divorces, they take a lot out  of a guy, but it’s never been as bad as this. 

It doesn’t even work!  I mean, take last  night.  Arlene, that’s my wife, got herself all dressed up at bedtime- the works. 

A black transparent negligee, perfume, she even had a  couple of drinks to loosen up.  And she’s really built!  Any other guy would give his right arm for a chance to swing with her.”

Jerry shook his head in despair. Damn it, so would I!  If I were still a man.  I let her play with it, I rubbed it against her,  I did everything  with it but pain it green.  All it did was get smaller.  I thought  it was going to disappear!”

Can a penis actually  disappear? Not really, but some men who are made frantic by relentless impotence begin to think so. 

Among the Chinese it takes the form of a disease called  “kuru.”  A Chinese suffering  from impotence  may become  obsessed with he fear that his  penis is receding into his  body.  He is terrified that it will  then be  lost to him forever venereal disease.

Impelled by fear he resorts to desperate measures to restrain  the wandering organ.  He establishes  a twenty-four-hour watch manned by members of the family to keep the penis  in sight at all times. 

Frequently he pierces the  phallus with a small nail or  series of pins which he attaches to the bedpost with  a stout cord. 

Alternatively the free end of the cord may be entrusted to the most dependable member of the  family with instructions to jerk  vigorously if the penis begins to wriggle upward into the body.