1. Beyond  The Birds And Bees
  2. Male Sexual Organs
  3. Female  Sexual Organs
  4. Sexual  Intercourse
  5. Aphrodisiacs
  6. Impotence
  7. Frigidity
  8. Male Homosexuality
  9. Masturbation
  10. Sexual  Perversion
  11. Prostitution
  12. Birth Control
  13. Abortion
  14. Venereal  Disease
  15. Menopause
  16. September Sex



Obviously this book is not based solely on my personal experiences. It is to a certain extent a reflection of the combined experiences of several thousand patients who have entrusted me with the responsibility of treating their emotional difficulties impotence,

With this in mind I have taken elaborate precautions to preserve their anonymity in every sense of the word. I would like to thank two of my distinguished medical colleagues,

Dr. Joseph Kwint and Dr.  Louis Schlom, for reading and commenting on certain material, Miss Melicia Cranny of the San Diego County medical Society Library and the staff of the library were very helpful in obtaining reference material birth control

The librarians at the Bio-medical Library of the University of California   at San Diego also provided assistance. 

In addition, the staff at the Spring Valley Branch of the San Diego County Library cooperated in many ways.

More than a dozen patients currently in treatment contributed valuable comments after reading segment of the manuscript related to their specific areas; I would like to thank them collectively here. 

My agent, Mr. Don Congdon, merits my deep application for his expert guidance through the literary maze.  I am grateful to my editor, Mrs. Eleanor Rawson, whose tact and sensitivity helped the book take its final form.

Vivienne Miller, my loyal medical assistant, controlled my office with a steady hand and thereby preserved intact many of the hours necessary to produce this book. John Pridinoff aggressively and enthusiastically typed a portion of the manuscript.

My wife, Barbara, with her unlimited patience, not only typed the remainder of the manuscript but made numerous valuable suggestions regarding the content and format of the book itself abortion.  Only her modesty prevents me from naming her as co-author.

Finally, my son David contributed to the book by graciously giving up some of the hours he would have preferred to spend playing sex with his father. 

For a two-year old it was a significant sacrifice, though the debt   has since been repaid.