1. Beyond  The Birds and Bees

  2. Male Sexual Organs

  3. Female  Sexual Organs

  4. Sexual  Intercourse

  5. Aphrodisiacs

  6. Impotence

  7. Frigidity

  8. Male Homosexuality

  9. Masturbation

  10. Sexual  Perversion

  11. Prostitution

  12. Birth Control

  13. Abortion

  14. Venereal  Disease

  15. Menopause

  16. September Sex


What is male homosexuality? Male homosexuality is a condition in which men have a driving  emotional and sexual interest in other men.  Because of the anatomical and physiological limitations involved, there are some formidable obstacles to overcome impotence

Many homosexual look upon this as a challenge and approach it with ingenuity and boundless energy.  In the process  they often transform themselves  into part-time  women. 

They don women’s clothes, wear make-up, adopt feminine mannerisms, and occasionally  even try to rearrange their bodies along feminine lines.

Do all homosexuals act this way? Not all of them.  There is a wide range of variation in homosexual behavior; however, most homosexuals at one time or another in their  lives act out some  aspect of the female role.

Aren’t some people  just naturally that way? Being naturally that way is one of the many  explanations homosexuals grope for in an attempt to understand their problem.

Back in the nineteenth century some  homosexuals described themselves as “burnings.”  An burning  was supposed to be a man who had  a woman living inside him, presumably trying to get out. 

Apparently not even the self-styled  burnings were happy with this concept  and the whole idea simply faded away.

Couldn’t homosexuality just be a hormone problem? Hormone imbalance is another  explanation homosexuals reach   for. Unfortunately it doesn’t hold water.

The basic   idea stems from the fact that men and women have the sex hormones  o both sexes  circulating in their  bloodstreams  simultaneously frigidity

According to the hormone theory, if the female hormone dominates in the male, effeminate characteristic  and homosexuality  emerge.  When tested experimentally the idea falls apart.

First, it doesn’t explain masculine homosexuals. A certain number of  men who appear  muscular, athletic, and manly in  every  respect are actually enthusiastic homosexuals. 

Some of those over-muscled young men whose  pictures adorn the physical culture magazines are only interested in the endowments of other young men.  Obviously they have enough male sex hormones.  

Second, injection of massive amounts of male sex hormones should counteract  homosexual impulses.  If doesn’t.  As a matter of fact, quite the opposite. Active homosexuals who are  given large doses of male sex hormones become even more active as homosexuals.

Why should that happen? Further research  demonstrated that the male sex hormone, testosterone, is responsible for sexual drive in both sexes. 

Testosterone given  to women  causes a surge of sexual  desire.  the ladies also sprout whiskers, become baritones, and undergo other changes  which interfere with the enjoyment  of their new interest  in sex. 

The same effect  appears in men.   Predictably with this hormone homosexuals develop more interest in sex,  but only their kind of september sex.