1. Beyond  The Birds And Bees

  2. Male Sexual Organs

  3. Female  Sexual Organs

  4. Sexual  Intercourse

  5. Aphrodisiacs

  6. Impotence

  7. Frigidity

  8. Male Homosexuality

  9. Masturbation

  10. Sexual  Perversion

  11. Prostitution

  12. Birth Control

  13. Abortion

  14. Venereal  Disease

  15. Menopause

  16. September Sex


What is the menopause? Technically, the menopause is that time in a woman’s sexual development when her menstrual periods stop.  Actually, it is one of the most critical moments of her entire life prostitutions

Cessation of menstruation is only the superficial manifestation of the profound changes under way, changes that are critical to her future  happiness.  Another name for the menopause  is the  change of life.

What causes of life, anyway? A defect in the evolution  of human beings. About sex 500,000 years ago, people were constructed with economy in mind.  the average life  expectancy was thirty to thirty-five  years and most of the organs were designed to last about that long. 

(Vital parts such as the heart and brain were built a little better.) Then modern medicine entered the picture and made people live much  long than they had  ever been intended to. 

Once upon a time a woman expired before her hormones did.  Today  her body lives on for thirty or more years after the  ovaries have  died. Do the ovaries actually dies?

For all practical purposes, they do. As the fortieth year approaches, the blood supply to those small egg-shaped glands, gradually decreases.

Cell by cell, the organ withers away and is gradually replaced by scar tissue. By the time the menopause is well advanced the ovaries have as much life as a fingernail of a lock of hair.

Does it make any difference if the ovaries stop working? Only if you are a woman and they happen to be your ovaries.The entire basis for femininity is the hormone produced by the ovaries, oestrogen.

This is the stuff that makes girls different from boys. Secreted into the bloodstream drop by drop,this clear liquid is distributed through the entire body. At the time of puberty it causes the breasts to develop, lays down deposits of subcutaneous fat at the hips, thighs, and buttocks, and keeps the complexion soft and hairless.

It also triggers development of the labia and clitoris as well as the uterus and vagina. It works under the direct supervision of the pituitary gland which regulates the ovary by its own hormone, gonadotropin.

Oestrogen is also responsible for that strange mystical phenomenon, the feminine state of mind. It makes girls think like girls. It makes girls act like girls, especially when

it comes to sex, Oestrogen rules women sexually-the word itself comes from the Greek word oistros, or mad desire.

It is the ebb and flow oestrogenic hormone during the menstrual cycle that is primarily responsible for the variations in female sexual organs desire.Once the ovaries stop, the very essence of being a woman stops.

Oestrogen is responsible for all the physical female saw functions. It brings on sexual development, menstruation, ovulation, and plays an important role in pregnancy. It also affects the way women think sexually.

Normal men and normal women both have a mature and realistic approach to sex. However, they arrive at it from different points of view. During the menstrual cycle, the amount of oestrogen in the body tends to rise and fall. When there is more oestrogen available, the women tend to feel contented and confident.

As the oestrogen declines, she becomes restless and even aggressive. One of the important reasons why women are more changeable than men is that every thirty days their oestrogen level goes from near zero to a very high level and back to zero again. Most women tolerate this admirably frigidity.

If men had their sex hormones taken away and given back twice a month, they probably would have made a worse mess of this world than they have with their hormones intact.