play on boy sex

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    So many  books have been written about Sex in Marriage the past few years that you may well  wonder how this one is  different.  We'll  tell you.

    First, it's not an instruction  manual.  It won't unlock the secrets of sexual bliss for neophyte lovers on their first erotic adventure.  There have been many  such books, some of them  helpful for those inhibited souls who need to be reassured by the printed word that they're functioning "properly" and who place more trust in the advice of others than in their own feelings, others so moralistic and authoritarian that they're probably worse than nothing at all.

    Second, it's not a clinical treatise on the varieties of Sexual Morality.  To be sure, such studies are of great value, and without the pioneering work of men like Kinsey and the  painstaking research of masters and Johnson, the sexual revolution might still be but a small skirmish on the banks  of society's mainstream.  As you read through this book, you will find references to scientific  research  in support of a  point we wanted to make, but for a detailed exposition (free from weighty scientific jargon) you'll have to turn  to a book like PLAYBOY Editor Nat Lehman's Master and Johnson Explained

    Finally, Playboy on Sex  is not a book that's calculated to titillate and tease.  We think it's  a most enjoyable  book, but it's intended  to stimulate the brain, not the glands.

    Which brings us to what this book is: a compendium of the best material from the continuing exchange of ideas between PLAYBOY'S readers and editors on the most controversial aspects of sexual behavior and the attitudes underlying that behavior.  It's  taken from The Playboy Forum, a letters column which in  turn grew out  of the overwhelming reader response to Hugh M. Hefner's  editorial series, The Playboy Philosophy.  Like the  Philosophy, it provides penetrating insight  into the sometimes amusing, often tragic consequences of the strange and repressive social and legal attitudes which our society has inherited from an  outdated puritan past.  Inside you'll find arguments for and against  Abortion,   adultery and Premarital Sex.   There's  a representative sampling of views  on the debate  over sex education in public schools.  Homosexuality  and modern forms of therapy for this aberration are attacked and defended.  Present and former inmates of our country's  penal institutions document the  pathetic consequence  of their being denied any kind of normal sex life. 

    The  pros  and cons of a more permissive attitude   toward Prostitution  are discussed.  If you're  interested in what women's  liberation is all  about, there's  a chapter on Feminism that will supply some of the answers.  These issues as well as sex and the law, sexual  morality and the censorship of sexual matter are all dealt with in depth in Playboy on sex .  Reading these pages may not resolve all the  issues for you, but we  guarantee that it will force you to   think  seriously about them.

    And that is what this book is all about.  It's a very readable, thought-provoking  attempt to inject reason  into the all too often  irrational and emotional  debate  about the value of the sexual   revolution that PLAYBOY helped  start and which we hope   will end in a healthier, saner outlook on the sexual side of American  life.