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The Pain of Abortion

The said part of the whole abortion question  is that  abortion has become merely a word, a social term  to be bandied   about in cocktail-party discussions, without even the remotest idea of what  it actually is.  It is,   first  and  last, an operation!  That's  right- a  table, a white   sheet and the  implements we have all grown  to know and love on Dr. Kildare:  the knife the clamp and scalpel.

Having spent several weekends making jaunts into Mexico to accompany friends  who felt they were  being  "modern," I have also made the long trek home, with  faces riding  beside me that were white   with shock, and very, very humble about what they had dismissed as being the "latest thing to do"  and the "wisest, you know, under the circumstances."   Last weekend, I accompanied a friend who is unhappily Sex in Married to Mexico for her "unburdening," "the solution to the problem."  I advise theorists everywhere to sit in a waiting room, in the cleanest of hospitals, with reputable M.D.s performing and listen to the screams.  If the lump in the   bottom of your stomach goes away in time, you may be able to eat dinner on the way home.

When the first birth-control pills became available, my advertising training urged me to submit the most convincing sales argument possible to the company. All that would be required would be to set up a series of dispensing clinics and, as an introduction to the whys of being safe rather than sorry, simply show a Technicolor movie of an abortion, complete with stereophonic sound. If that isn't enough to convince the hypocrites who feel that pills were "too premeditated," then they deserve what they get.

Proponents of legalized abortion argue that once it is, in fact, "legal," young, modern unmarried everywhere will suddenly be swept with the joy of being able to know the beauty of Sex Education without the consequence of an unwanted child.  If an abortion is not a painful "consequence" that might proved more damaging emotionally than even a child, then  my understanding of the world may be wrong.   I wonder how many girls, having been through the pain of an abortion, honestly jump right into  the  sack the next day, or week, or even month, without  some twinge of reflection on how much she  paid  in pain and confusion the last time she did it.  this is freedom?  This is  joy?  This is natural expression?  I don't believe it.

The friends of mine who have  undergone  such operations were all intelligent, mature, thinking human beings sex  who took precautions as best  they could.  Every  one of them has spent a long period reconciling the experience with their lives, their loves and their futures.  Each one has had to work hard to overcome the effects of having had an abortion, and none were subjected to "quack" doctors or buttonhook methods.  There is no permanent  danger with people like this, as they have all become  better for the experience and have, indeed,  profited from it.  The unfortunate part is that my friends, being mature and enlightened, were and are in the minority.  The poor unsuspecting girl who is nave and unworldly and finds herself pregnant might not be as lucky as the ones I know, as far as the emotion juggling that she is bound to go through.
Abortion, legal or otherwise, is still a major step for anyone to take willingly, and  the sanction of a Sex And The Law making  the body does not provide much comfort when you are  hot item before  birth -control  pills were introduced.  I feel that it is an anachronism now that an effective method of prevention is available.

I would urge the liberal thinkers who advocate  legalized abortion for the sake of having  something to advocate to first  visit a local  hospital and observe  a routine  legal therapeutic abortion before they jump on the  bloody  bandwagon.  I would also  urge all young men who engage in Sexual Morality to at least have the guts  to bring up the subject  of contraception in the beginning and not just  take  it for granted that because she  does it with you,  she does it with others and therefore  she "must  know what she's  doing."  I'll wager  that nine times out of ten  she doesn't.  or if she does, perhaps you just  happened   to come along at a time when she wasn't planning to engage in sex.

You can reduce the chances of ruining both your dignity and hers  by a "surprise" pregnancy .  If you are supposed to be men, take your  responsibility like a man before  something happens.  Your concern for her will make her think fondly of you long after the relationship has ended.  As  a female, I think I would distrust any man running around  trying  to get abortion legalized - that's  me he's tossing around like a political football- not Vietnam, not Red China, but my insides! if he  takes it that  impersonally, I doubt  that I would  feel safe in his  keeping, despite my own little pillbox beside  my toothbrush.  For the female readers of Playboy who aren't taking birth-control pills (Catholics aside- they have their own world),  your subscriptions should be canceled immediately!
Leave the abortions, legal or otherwise, to those who,  through stupidity or choices, want to go back and pick up the pieces of their  lives.


We can't contradict your contention that the  best  birth-control method is a contraceptive used at the proper  time.  nor will we dispute  that an  abortion can be painful, physically and sometimes emotionally.  We do feel, however, that the question of abortion is one of alternatives  rather than absolutes.  A pregnant woman is faced with choices- and  we think she should be allowed to decide which alternative is preferable under the circumstances- whatever the circumstances happen to be.

Instead of turning the female into any sort of "foot-ball," as you suggest, the legalization of abortion would simply increase  the alternatives available to her.  if the  pregnant woman  decides to have an abortion in America at the present time- and over one and a half million did this year- she must, in most  cases, resort to an illicit  operation, performed under circumstances conducive to  both  physical and emotional pain.  If abortion were legal in America, these operations could be performed under proper  medical supervision  and hospital care, which would reduce discomfort , emotional  disturbances, and other ill effects to a minimum.
We're not a woman , but we have no hesitancy in saying that if we were, we would  welcome the additional freedom of choice that legalized abortion would  provide.

Women And Abortion

I am astonished that some of The Playboy Forum letters defending our antiquated abortion  laws are written by women.  In my opinion, no woman  in her right  mind wants to give up the right to decide for herself  whether  she will bear  a child, and no woman with any guts will allow  male-made laws against abortion to prevent  her  allow male-male laws  against  abortion to prevent  her from getting an illegal abortion  when she wants  one.