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".available evidence indicates that the exclusive  homosexual is not following  a preference at all, but, rather, a compulsion based on phobic reactions to heterosexual stimuli."

Survival And Homosexuality

I have known  since my  early teens that I am homosexual.  Now I am in my late 20s and have to face the realization  that I will always be this way.  I have never had Sex Education with anyone, even though many times I have  had the desire to do so.  It's a world with me alone in it.

I do not feel like   a "pansy."  In fact,  I detest effeminate  men.  I do not act, look or feel effeminate.  I am not a kookier  musician or artist.  Nor do I have long hair, ridiculous clothing or a lisp.  If you  were to see me, you would see a strong  young American  serviceman.  I work  with other men; we do men's work- and sometimes  here in Vietnam, that's one hell of a job.  I take  orders and give  orders.  It's a rugged life and I like  it.

I remember reading that all  persons "are endowed  .with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."  Somehow, those seem like empty promises to me.  After  nearly  30 years on this earth.  I am not able to grasp the reality of those  great words.  first, nature has played a dirty trick on me and, second, my  fellow human being sex  attack me as though I had caused the accident myself.  But perhaps   these are the same people who laugh at an unfortunate in a   wheel chair.  Perhaps these are the same people who about, "Jump," to some  poor guy perched  on a window ledge.

Perhaps it is common for people like me to feel sorry for themselves.  I have thought  of death a lot, because it is so prevalent here, but the encouraging revolution in Sexual Morality going on back home- in which PLAYBOY has taken such a significant part -gives me some hope for the future, hope,  at least, of encountering a new tolerance for  those of us who do not fit interests the conventional mold.

Detecting  Deviates

I was amused by the homosexual solider who was convinced  that nobody  could recognize  him as a deviate.  This  strange self-delusion-  "I don't act queer; nobody can spot  me"  - is shared by 99 percent of all homosexuals in America.  This is the first of their three outstanding characteristics.  Their inordinate vanity  (which is equaled only by that of the average midget ) is  the second.  The third is that, contrary to their neurotic fantasies, every one of them is as effeminate as a soprano and can be spotted 20 feet away by any sophisticated  student  of psychology.

Bird watching is actually a sport requiring much less training than queen  spotting.  Contrary to Your self delusion, the majority of homosexuals  do not have any visible stigmata by which  they can be recognized.  Skilled  Kinsey investigators, Premarital Sex, trained in the social sciences, could identify only 15 percent of the homosexuals in their male study group before interviewing them.

Homosexual Marraige

The popular stereotype  of the "promiscuous faggot"  is  a misconception.  Although consciously homosexual since 18, I have  had only four affairs with men and I am now 22.  The first two affairs were impetuous and disappointing, the third was a situation where we only thought we were in love and the fourth finds me "engaged"  to a man whom I know well.  Upon my discharge from the  army, we plan to live as "spouses."

We love and respect each other fully, having been acquainted long enough to be sure of ourselves.  Our Marriages in Sex life is complete and quite private.  Unable to have a sanctified  marriage contract, we love each other as much as  any heterosexual couple.  Our only regrets will be the lack of a formal ceremony , the inability  to have children and the fact that- at least in the foreseeable future  -we may not live together, but marriages have survived under similar limitations.