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Premrital Sex

“If (an unmarried couple) decide to be sexually intimate, they have every right to do so- provided their behavior  is neither  exploitative nor irresponsible.”

Sex at an Early Age

I’m a member  of the younger generation who has already  lost her virginity; however, I have no guilty feelings about this.  My sex  relations are solely with my steady boyfriend, whom I love very much   and who loves  me, also.  I have  no intention of getting  laid by any guy who comes  along, either  now or after my boyfriend  and I break up.  I’m  sure many would argue that, at our age, what we feel for each other can’t  possibly be love, but I have come to realize  that one encounters many different  kinds of  love in the course of lifetime, and our love is very real  for us now.  We both feel there is  nothing wrong in what we do; we hurt no one and we respect each other  immensely.  I feel  this experience has given me greater understanding  of love and life.

Though premarital Sex And The Law has been good for us, I do not advocate  it for every girl and boy.  Many  girls wish to remain virgins until Sex in Marriage; I understand  their  reasoning  and respect their opinions.  Many feel that a body that has never been touched  sexually  is a great gift to present  to their chosen life partner.  But for other girls, like myself, it is different.

I really wish our moralistic elders would end  their condemnation of premarital sex.  Those girls who wish to remain virgins until they are married will do so without  being preached to.  For others who see nothing wrong with sex before   marriage, this preaching just  burdens us with extra emotional difficulties at a time when  coping with reality is

tough enough.
I live in a small, gossip-ridden  town and must ask you to withhold my name and address to protect myself, my boyfriend and our parents. 

(Name and address withheld by request)

God-Given Sex

I am convinced, from my own experience, that premarital sex is a positive  good.  I grew up placing “nice” girls on pedestals, belittling myself  and fearing women  and sex.  This  made my life in the air force miserable.  I  became even more  distressed when I was  stationed in England, because  I was told that English girls   were un-usually  liberal and that if I could  not live  a sexually active life in England, there was something wrong with me.  This only terrified me more; I  froze whenever I met a girl.  My chaplain said that once I got married, I would be all right.  His advice did not help very much, for  I couldn’t envision presenting my anxieties to my bride  on our  wedding night.  my psychiatrist agreed with me, but offered no solution.  I was left with my fears and self-doubts.

Fortunately, I soon met an English girl who realized how deeply troubled  I was.  Gently, understandingly  and lovingly, she seduced  me.  Except  for my conversion to Christianity, the  moment  when I realized she  was also  satisfied  was the most  wonderful experience  in my life.  She proved  my manhood to me and I loved her for it.  we began a  long and   beautiful affair without  guilt, shame or remorse.
For me, sex before  marriage  was a necessity.  I cannot find in my conscience that either   she or I sinned.  I believe the Lord brought us together and approved  our actions.  I shall be grateful all my life to her  and to him..

Sin, Suffer And Repent

I feel marriages would be held together  longer if neither partner  had had premarital intercourse.  My husband and I had relations two months before marriage; now, after  being married one year and four months- with a three-month –old-son-our  relationship, as far as  Sex Education, is full and without  excitement.  I feel I would enjoy intercourse much more if we  hadn’t  had premarital relations and had learned and experimented  together from scratch.  I look down on those prostitutes and couples, engaged or not, who have intercourse previous to marriage, just as I’ve lost respect for my husband and myself, although my husband doesn’t   share any of my  views on sex.   As far as illegitimate babies go,  there should be no  contraceptives  at all for the  unmarried.  I don’t think the girls would get pregnant unless  God meant this as a punishment for engaging  in the sex act.  I have absolutely no  pity whatsoever for the girls, only the poor babies who have all the suffering and shame   to go through because of their mothers mistakes and immorality.

The trouble  these days is that there aren’t enough respectable girls  left.  I think  sex is played up to be too big a thing.  You can’t  see a decent movie these days  unless you like watching nude  males and females  run around  from bed to beach, etc.  I’m in favor of Sex End Censorship.