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Laissez Faire

As one of the higher-paid  call girls  in my area,  I think  I can speak about the profession with more   authority  than can the Reverend Robert  W. Cromey Sex in Prison.  Quite  frankly, I am utterly opposed to the Reverend Mr. Cromey's  arguments in favor of legalizing  prostitution.  One of the reasons I entered  this occupation  was to avoid government  controls, red tape, bureaucracy and the entire  paraphernalia of our authoritarian  society.  That's my temperament.  Some can travel  docilely with the herd, but others such as me prefer to be free-lance operators, outlaws  and self-determiners.  I am college-educated, having maintained a three-point average and graduating with honors.  I have  never felt underprivileged or considered  myself forced  into a dehumanizing profession.  My clients are quite human sex  and there is nothing inhuman about  their desire  for me.  Sure, the police rake-off  is a nuisance, but it's  a hell of a lot less of a nuisances than the tax I would have to pay  proving a girl earned  more per year  than she will admit.  I'll take things  as they are, Reverend.

(Name and address withheld  by request)

I was  a call girl for  three years and do not regard the profession as immoral or antisocial.  There was nothing unusual to "justify"   my career:  I am not a freak, an alcoholic or a drug  addict, not was   I forced into the business by pimps or poverty.  I have above-average intelligence (125.I.Q.) and have become a normal, faithful wife to the man who is nearest and dearest to me (formerly a customer, by the way ).  I believe  avidly in  humanism, The Playboy Philosophy and the Bill of rights.  I also believe in the "oldest profession in the  world"  and recommend that every girl  try it at least  once, although, admittedly, the business is not all peaches and  cream.  Sometimes  I was frightened by the   things I saw, such as Sexual Morality which   are always very visibly  the result of antisexual training in childhood.  And I was arrested several  times, which is never   a pleasant experience.  I know personally about the  unfair and devious methods used by the police.

After my last  arrest, I discussed with my lawyer the possibility  of taking my case   all the way to the Supreme Court to try to  legalize  prostitution, on the grounds  that all laws against it are invasions of individual liberty.  He discouraged me, saying that  I didn't stand a chance  of winning such a case.  I still think occasionally of  becoming  a rest case now that the "profession" is part of my past, but in view of the Puritanism which is  still pervasive  in our society and its courts, that probably.

Prostitution  And The Law

The selling of one's  body for  monetary  gain is rather  innocuous when compared  with the daily  compromising  of principles and integrity that most of us indulge in (and for no gain or pleasure  whatsoever).  So why all the uproar   about physical  prostitution?  The soul is  peddled at cut-rate  prices everywhere.

Enforcement, entrapment and similar techniques for coercing people  into chastity or Premarital Sex fidelity are  laughably futile- as history  demonstrates.  The law  has no moral prerogative to  regulate private  affairs between  consenting adults.

But let us not fool ourselves here, either.  laws against prostitution are not enforced with  any high regard for morality, but simply because  of the payoffs, grafts and blackmail they create Sex And The Law.
I can only conclude, sadly, that the oldest  profession has often been more forthright and candid than any own.