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    "For every chaste woman there must be necessarily, one prostitute 
    somewhere to take  up the slack."

    Legalized Prostitution

    It is  time the United States saw the light and joined  the trend of legalizing  prostitution.  Many European countries have legalized the world's  oldest profession, with France being the most recent to make  plans  for government -controlled   prostitution.

    The method proposed in France  would not, I think, be entirely adequate for the U.S.: France plans  to have houses operated by government officials.  It might be difficult to find qualified men in the U.S.  to operate such establishment and, Marriage in Sex, and it's unlikely  that U.S. women would want to work under funereally established conditions; no  doubt  they would prefer to set their own working hours  and choose their own customers.  And an American  man might feel self-conscious walking into a state or federally   operated brothel.

    An easier and better approach to legalized prostitution would be to require all prostitutes to register with  the local board of health , to give each registered woman  an identification card  and to require a weekly check-up a board -of-health doctor.  Mandatory registration would allow the government  to control  professional standards and an identification card would  give the  customer certain health guarantees.  The woman  would be free to set her own prices, work her own  hours   and choose  her own customers.

    True, many Americans would oppose legal prostitution, but such opposition would derive from religious ideas, and those  not wishing to patronize  prostitutes  would not have to do so.  The system would be of great benefit  to society; it would reduce venereal disease  and Sex in Prison and improve  morale.

    I had a severe  case of polio in early  childhood  that  left me wearing body and leg braces and necessitates the  use of crutches.  But I have an interesting and lucrative job and many good friends.  I drive a hand-controlled auto and I enjoy traveling.  It doesn't  bother me much   that I can't  run the 100-yard dash.  In short, my life   is good - except that the  only outlet I have for   sex is  prostitutes.

    There are very few women who are not repelled by a physically handicapped male.  The few times I thought  I was going to be successful in seduction , the lady was out of the mood by the time I had removed  my braces.  I have stopped  even trying to date, because  a rebuff, at any staged of the game, is hard on the ego.

    I realize that sex with a prostitute  is a  very poor substitute for the  real thing, but it is infinitely better than nothing.  I would prefer the companionship of ordinary girls and eventually marriage and children, but this is   impossible.

    I have only once used the  services of a local prostitutes, because if I were arrested, I would lose my job.  So I frequently drive several hundred miles to another state where I am unknown  to spend an evening with a prostitute.  I have been doing this since my late  teens.

    Prostitution gives me  both the delight  of sex itself  and the simple pleasure  of having a female  companion.  I search for the warm and understanding  type and usually stick with her  until she moves on.

    I am not obsessed with Sex And The Law, but I must have  some sexual outlet or lose my  identity as a man.  If prostitutes   (and customers) are adults, are not forcibly recruited  and are discreet, I fail to see anything wrong with prostitution.

    As a Christian, I feel that the prostitute  and her customer  debase Sexual Morality  and dehumanize each other.  I also feel that in most cases, prostitution is a symptom of social injustice (for instance, in this city the great  majority of prostitutes are  products of the poverty and misery of the ghetto). 

    However, since  we will never be able to stamp out prostitution, it seems to me  that the most humane   thing to do is to legalize it and thereby lift the harassment by police.  In this way, the  health of both the girls and their  customers would    be safeguarded, a great   deal of police corruption would end and men not wishing to buy  would still retain the right  to say no.

    If this "radical" plan (which seems  like old-fashioned common sense to me) is shocking to some people, let me   point out that  Jesus   himself was accused of being the friend  of prostitutes  and sinners.  He didn't cut himself   off from people  because  their moral standards   were different from his.