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Sex And Censorship

“….what right does anyone have to stop an adult from choosing his own entertainment, so long as this entertainment does not infringe on the  rights of others?”

Invisible  Filth

Not long ago, I sat down in front of my TV set and innocently turned on The Avengers.  Imagine my shock when Sexual Morality , in a show called “The See-through Man,” I saw  an invisible man without any clothes  on!  Certainly  something  had to be done  to prevent such trash from dirtying  the morals of our  children.  So I called  the television network:

“Complaint department.  May I help you?”
            “You sure can,  young lady.  I’m the man from CLOD.”
            “From ‘CLOD?”
            “Crusade to Liquidate Obscene  Dirt.  I’m calling  to complain about the naked   invisible man.”
            “Are you speaking of our show ‘The See-Through Man,’ sir?”
            “None other.  And we see through you, too.  And what we see is pure smut!”
            “Pure smut?”

“Pure!  A named invisible  man can’t fool us!  How dare you corrupt  our children with smut?  We’ve  spent hours  washing out their eyes with  soap Sex And The Law.”

“But, sir, no  one can see the invisible  man.”

“What difference does that  make?  He’s still naked, whether you see him or not.  It’s a communist plot!  An invisible communist polt!  Putting  a naked  invisible  Communist on television Sex Education.  You’ve been infiltrated by godless, smutty communism, in   all its naked depravity.”
“I’ll have to refer you to my superior, sir.  Just-“

“But we CLODs have what it takes to see through that see-through man!  Imagination!  We have plenty of that, young  lady.  We can see this see-through man’s  nakedness, even if it is  invisible.  Next   you’ll have a see-through woman.  We’ll  see through her, too.   Imagination, that’s all it will take – to see her lascivious naked voluptuousness, her  depraved curves, made for lust and passion…her suggestive   undulations and….and throbbing movements …and animal passions…and frustrations…”
“I’m sorry, sir, but-“

“Then you’ll have couples.  Naked invisible men and women.  Flaunting their nude bodies together.   Together.  It doesn’t take much imagination to see what will happen then!   Lust and passions exposed for everyone to see….and animals   desires…and frustration…”
“But, sir-“

“Next you’ll have a white  man and a black girl, or a black man and a white  girl, or men and black girls, or black men and white girls, or black men and white men and white girls and black girls!  All naked!   Together!  Doing every  conceivable depraved thing.  all debauched.  Smutty.  Doing  everything.  Everything !”

“And then you’ll bring in animals…dogs…donkeys….sheep….ducks….owls…all invisible….frustrated….”
“Sir, I’m sorry, but we have been instructed to  hang  up on obscene telephone calls.”  Click.

Erotica And Neurotica

A friend showed me a publication title  Operation Yorkville Newsletter, which is devoted to providing  that obscene literature is a  grave and present  danger to the survival of America.  On page four of this sheet and Sex in Prison, there is a diagram showing a seesaw with three  men on one side  and one on the other.   the caption reads.  “Three  out of four psychiatrists  say, ‘Effect of obscenity  on personality is bad….” There is no evidence given to support this rather startling statistic.  Can you tell me,  have there  been any statistical  surveys  of psychiatric  opinion on this subject, and would the  results support Operation Yorkville’s claim?