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Sex And The Law

“The resolution of society’s  sex problems has been left to the policeman, who has neither  the time nor the training  to cope in any scientifically oriented way with the Premarital Sex offender.”

Perils of   Marriage

I’ve  recently been  reading a brilliant  attack on our idiotic sex laws, When Sex Is Illegal , by jerry B. Riseley.  Your readers might be amused by attorney Riseley’s  summary of when Marriage in Sex is legal:

So far as we have been able to  determine, (sex) between  a husband  and wife has not been made a crime in any jurisdiction so long as it is:

  • engaged in absolute privacy
  • without any noise
  • in a  conventional position
  • at a time when the wife is not menstruating
  • without the use of any birth-control   devices

A few pages later, the following  advice is offered to young  couples:

A couple  contemplating marriage and feeling that they might  wish to experience  a variety of sexual  activity on the honeymoon without technically committing a felony are advised to consult a local  attorney in the honeymooning  jurisdiction

If, however, the couple is of the devil-may-care type, they probably  experience boy-girl activity  without  much risk so long as they lock the door, pull down the blinds, Control Ritual ever the keyholes and check their hotel room for hidden “bugs” and concealed  television cameras.  Police activity  in violation  of this privacy is probably illegal…

But of course, it may take a trip through the courts to establish this illegality.  To be absolutely on the safe side, the young couple should avoid all intimate activity except “normal” sexual intercourse  in the masculine-superior Prostitution.  Body kisses are apt to be construed as attempted sexual  crimes….
            It’s great to live in a free country.

Lifelong Bondage

Last year I was arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of being  a morals offender (a policeman in plain clothes  accused me  of making advances to him in a  public  rest room).  I pleaded not guilty, but the court took the cop’s  word  over mine  and sentenced me to a $100 fine or  20 days Sex in Prison, then suspended the sentence.

However, because I was  found guilty of what is obviously a trivial offense, I must register as long as I am a resident of California, which could be the rest of my life, as a known sex offender, under Section 290 of the California  Penal Code.  If a registered sex offender fails to report a change of address within ten days, he can be picked, up, given an examination as a  sexual psychopath and placed in a state hospital for an  indefinite period,  until he is declared  “rehabilitated.”   The identification division of the  Fresno Police Department  told me that they dislike this whole business, since they spend   ten percent of their time  registering men and their changes  of address.  In order to register, I have to be  photographed, fingerprinted, processed and given a police file number just like any criminal.

Perhaps something can be done to get this law repealed and end the lifelong bondage under which I and hundreds of others live.