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    Sexual  Ignorance

    I never had a sex-education course in  grade school or in high school; furthermore, my ultraconservative, super-American, Christian family wouldn't  have approved of such a thing.  Who will explain to my illegitimate child (due next month) how I managed to smuggle him into the world despite the fact that  the Commies never got to me in school? 

    Fighting  Sex With Sex

    Not only are the Birch types  continuing to fight Sex And Sensorship with their   worn-out distortions and    misquotations but they are now flooding the country with the very "pornography"  they don't want children to see in the classrooms.  Various right-wing groups are  distributing ADULTS ONLY  fliers (the ones I saw were picked up by children  around their school) that contain excerpts and drawings from sex-education texts -outs of context, of course, and complete with hysterical  notations ("All material presented below   has been taken from the San Mateo county  teachers  resource guides.  There is a great deal more in the program that is equally objectionable.  Ask  to see Irving!!!).  The whole  thing is bizarre and  the way this material is being distributed must constitute an invasion of privacy at least as vicious  as that which they attribute  to sex education.

    As a result of my newspapers articles  on this  controversial subject, I've  been called a Communist bitch, among other things, and  have earned the hatred of the local CAUSE (Citizens  Against  Unwholesome Sex Education) group.  Its leader, who was former  executive  vice-president of National Citizens for Decent  Literature, claims to "have spent ten years looking at pornography..Believe  me, I know it  when I see   it,  and I say it's  being  taught in sex education."   The names  of these groups and their  members  credentials are rather amusing, but the harm and confusion they are  causing are not.  For example, a local conservative  state assemblyman recently secured an amendment to a state  health -education Sex And The Law he claimed made sex  education mandatory.  There was no such requirement   in the law; yet more tax money  was wasted to get it changed and the  ensuing publicity added to the confusion:  Half of the 59 county school districts reported in a poll that they no longer   knew what was mandated and what was not.

    To add to the growing   roster of follies committed by these  dubious do-gooders:  A local Catholic clergyman  who has done more than anyone  else to advance the cause  of Sexual Morality   rationalism  on Long Island   has been vilified  and harassed (microphone snatched from   his hand, tacks and glass littered in parking  lots where he  was speaking); I have on tape  the words of a Baptist  minister, proclaiming that Dr. Mary Calderone, head   of SIECUS  (Sex Information and Education Council of the United States), and her associates   "all have Communist affiliations, and I have documentary proof,"   which, of course,  he never produced:   and everyone knows about the disaster  in Anaheim, California, where  a voter-approved sex-education program was  ultimately   discontinued after the  anti-sex -education nuts managed to capture school-board  seats.

    The great  tragedy is that   the screaming crackpots  on the right are spewing  out  tremendous amounts of misinformation  with hardly a peep of rebuttal  from the rational but silent majority of Americans.

    Sex-Education Dangers

    As a concerned father , I have a couple of questions about the effects of sex education.  While I agree that   most of the criticism of these  programs  is about as credible as a speech by Adolph  Hitler, I'm  still not convinced  that  learning the details  of Sex in Prison would   be harmless to children.  After all, we're   not talking about mathematics or geography, which  have no heavy emotional  freight, but  about imparting information  concerning what may be the most influential factor affecting a child's emotions and actions.

    I know that many children have a natural curiosity about their own bodies and those of others which leads them to engage in surreptitious sexual play. I did this as a nine-year-old boy, but my playmates and I confined our activities to looking and touching because we knew nothing about the mechanics of sexual intercourse. I feel that had I known how intercourse was performed, I might have attempted it during Premarital Sex.

    Does PLAYBOY think that if the mechanics of sex were taught to children in the preteen age group, they would be likely to attempt sexual Intercourse? If they did, would such an attempt, successful or not, result in psychological harm, which would be an obstacle to normal sexual behavior in adult life?

    In her Playboy Interview Dr. Mary Calderone stated, that must often leads to experimentation.  Kids have known the hazards all along-in fact, hat's practically all they've known -and it hasn't  deterred them in the  past.  I think teaching the truth  about Sex in Marriage the hazards, the pleasures  and the responsibilities -allays many of the children's anxieties, which are another impetus for  experimentation." As to the effect of such activity, whether or not it includes attempted intercourse, much depends on the psychological makeup of the individual child. However, children are often seriously upset by sexplay because ignorance or half  sex knowledge gives them distorted ideas  of its possible meanings or consequences.  Since some preteen age  sex experience is likely in any case, it would seem that the best way to safeguard the child's emotional  development is to make sure that his attitude toward  sex is an informed, enlightened one.