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Sex Education

"...teaching the truth about sex -the hazards, the pleasures and the responsibilities -allays many of the children's anxieties..."

Sex-Education Controversy

I read in our local newspaper that a psychologist has estimated that only about 25 percent   of all American  marriages are happy.  Meanwhile, our local john Birtchers are trying to have sex education driven out of the schools.

As the female partner in one of the 75 percent of wretched Sex in Marriages, I just want to say that  the primary cause for marital incompatibility is sexual ignorance.  If my husband  had received  a good sex education when he was  young, he would not be the incompetent clod  he is.

It is interesting to compare the caliber of arguments being offered for and  against Sex And Sensorship in schools.  One opportunity to see which side makes more sense was afforded by an article in the Washington daily News describing a public hearing on a sex-education  curriculum held by the school board of Prince Georges County, Maryland.

In favor was a clergyman who spoke of the "anguish and fear of a 12-year old because of misinformation from friends" and his "temptation to experiment with ignorance..without  this program, it would be a long  time- or never- before   he could learn the truth."  A lady from the country council of PTAs said, "Parents may be inadequate to present it (sex) in all truth and honesty."   She considered a school program "basic for children to develop the necessary responsibility."   A student said, "Sex is a part of everyday life  and shouldn't  be glossed over.  It is far better to get this information  from an informed teacher rather than a misinformed friend."

Now hear the voice of the antis.  One lady implied that sex-education programs involve the showing  of filmed acts of intercourse and, therefore, are "too progressed for children."  She went on, "Children have a right to be innocent during childhood."  Another parent said,  "I am opposed to teaching animal love along with human  love and charging our children's atmosphere  with Sex in Prison. I feel  I have been robbed  of a very precious possession- the right to teach my children these  sacred  subjects."  Still another  lady called sex education "nothing but  communism,"  and said further, "I do not approve of  my son being taught masturbation  in school."   A man said he was  "a patriotic American   who will fight  to the death for my country' and that sex education "is a move by the devil himself to bring us down from within."

The oddest opposing statement came from a  clergyman.  As reported by  the Daily News, here it is:  "I may be a nut, but I screwed on the  right bolt."

I am a fifth-grade teacher  in Prince Georges County, Maryland.  The boards  of education of Prince Georges County and adjoining Montgomery County are attempting to introduce a program of sex education  into  the schools, which is being fought by many of the parents in the area.  Following is a list of objectives  for the program, which was distributed at our teachers meeting.

  1. To provide  the individual with an adequate  sex knowledge of his own physical, mental and  emotional maturation processes as related to Marriage and sex.
  2. To eliminate fears and anxieties relative to individual sexual development and adjustments.
  3. To develop  objective and understanding attitudes  toward sex  in all of its various manifestations -in the individual  and in others.
  4. To give the individual insight concerning his  sexual relationships with  members  of both sexes and to  help him understand  his obligations and responsibilities  to others.
  5. To provide  an appreciation for the positive  satisfaction that  wholesome human sex   relation can bring in both   individual and family living .
  6. To build an understanding  of the need for  the moral values  that provide  rational bases for making decisions.
  7. To provide enough knowledge  about the misuses and aberrations of sex  to enable the  individual to protect  himself against exploitation and  against injury to his physical and mental health .
  8. To provide an incentive to work  for a society  in which such evils as prostitution  and illegitimacy, archaic Sex And The Law, irrational fears of sex and  sexual  exploitation are nonexistent.
  9. to provide  the understanding  and conditioning  that will enable each  individual  to utilize his Sexual Morality effectively and creatively in his  several  roles, e.g., as spouse, parent, community member and citizen.

Sounds subversive, doesn't it?