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Sex in Marriage

"Many students of social behavior are saying  that monogamous
marriage as practiced in the Western world is declining in popularity."

Sex Without love

I have been married for three years and have two daughters.  During the first  year of our marriage and Contraception , everything  went fine, but shortly after  our first daughter was born, a change came over my wife.  She became frigid and stopped showing  affection toward me, except on rare occasions.  Since   then, things  have gone  from bad to worse.  I have  suggested reconciliation, divorce , separation and everything else I could think of, but she  seems uninterested.  She  wants to stay with me on account  of the  children, she says.

I have found that after several days of "doing without,"  I get to  a point where a TV commercial is  about all it takes to arouse my desires; so later, when we go to bed, I can't  sleep, and  if I do it's  only  for a  few minutes, and  after  I wake up I am really worked up.
So what am I going to do?

My wife has mentioned the fact  that animals  don't do it all the  time, only  when the  female  is in heat.  I have heard this before, and all I have to say is, if  I were  to  mate with every women  within a quarter of a mile of my home  the way a dog does, I would probably work myself to death  within  a month.  Sex in Prison without  love is nothing  to brag about, but I can tell you from  experience that it is a little bit better  than no Premarital sex at all.

Post-Partum Frigidity

To the anonymous  man in Mesa, Arizona, who complained that  his wife became "frigid" after the birth of her first child:

  1. Did Pregnancy change your wife's  body? Did it leave stretch marks that she might feel are ugly?   And have your tried to reassure her about  this?
  2. Is you wife afraid of  becoming pregnant  again.
  3. Do you satisfy  your wife?  I mean actually- many  women are very good actresses.
  4. Do you consider her feelings?  You mentioned your wife called you an animal-are you?  Do you declare you're  "horny" and then feel that your wife should fall all over you?
  5. Are you  selfish?  Do you consider  just your   own drives?   Would you  ever be interested in making  love only to satisfy  your wife- no matter  whether you reached your own climax or not?
  6. Is there  any pre-and post coital play?
  7. How is your personal hygiene?  Do you have a days work behind you and a day's growth  of beard  when you take her to bed?
  8. Here's one for all  you would- be lovers: Do you know to make love?