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Sex in Prison

Obviously, as long as normal heterosexual relations are denied to
convicts, our  prisons will be nothing else  but sodomy factories.”

Sodomy Factories

I ran across this news item in the Cleveland Plain Dealer  and thought it might be of interest  to you.

Conjugal visits by wives and elimination of rigid  prison restrictions will be suggested to ohio correctional authorities  to Premarital Sex improve rehabilitation of inmates in Ohio Penitentiary.

A preliminary report on recommendation will be submitted…to the Board of Christian Social Concerns of the Ohio Conference of the  Methodist church by Reverend Thomas E. Sagendorf  of Powhatan Point, Belmont County.

The Reverned Mr. Sagendorf was one of four religious  interns at the penitentiary last summer who took part in a clinical pastoral training program conducted by the prison chaplain and  approved  by the prison administration.

He now is barred from visiting  or exchanging  mail with inmates, although prison administrators indicated they  have not closed the door to rein statement of the privileges.

The Reverend Mr.  Sagendorf believes a factor in his being bared stems from the Prostitution   he and other interns submitted to penitentiary  administrators in which they recommended PLAYBOY magazine  be sold to inmates.  He said this would  lead to zine be sold to inmates.  He said this would lead to a “women –oriented” mood  instead of a Homosexuality  one.

In looking  at a criminal who is institutionalized, perhaps we must take a more synoptic approach- a look at the whole  man.   Only if we assume that the person is subhuman- and that’s  begging the question in regard  to an institution with 3500 inmates-can we  dismiss his desire for Sexual Morality.  Obviously, as long as normal heterosexual relations are denied to convicts, our prisons will be nothing else but sodomy factories.

I would like to comment on the  letter concerning homosexuality in prisons.

All prison administrations, while not condoning homosexuality , will turn their backs on it with the justification  that it is inevitable.  At the same  time, they will stifle   heterosexual inclinations and, in so doing, encourage homosexuality.  For example, the copy of playboy that  I was fortunate enough to read was a smuggled   copy and is contraband  reading, as in most penitentiaries.  The reason that it is contraband is  because of the pictures of healthy American  girls that might  remind the  prisoner of what he’s missing.  On the other hand, all “body-building”  magazines  are allowed and, in some cases, stocked  in the prison libraries.  You know   damn well who digs body-building magazines.

A short  time ago, I had what is termed in prison  jargon “a sleep-out.”  This is  a job- for trustees  only-where the work requires a prisoner to sleep outside the prison compound.  With very little  imagination on my part, I could have obtained a female bed partner.  However, had I been caught in such an act, I would have been  deprived of trustee status and put in solitary confinement.  On the other hand, if a person is caught indulging in a homosexual act, he is let off with a light  reprimand that  amounts to “shame on you”  -not for  reprimand that amounts to “shame on you” – not for what  he was doing, but for getting caught.

The average  taxpayer who reads this will say,  “So what?  -stay out of prison if you don’t  like it.”  But this taxpayer does not realize that he is paying for a  system that is daily turning out into  society a new type of misfit:  the aggressive homosexual  of the sociopath type- much different from the ordinary  homosexual.