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The Swingers

"..when both partners consent, is adultery immoral?"

The Other Woman Speaks

You wives  should be grateful to "the other women."  We make your  husbands easier to live with, because we are all the  things  you feel you no longer need be- patient, understanding, loyal, devoted, affectionate, available and   grateful.  Meanwhile, you enjoy the vacations, the country-club membership, the bridge club, the consumer  goodies, the car, the  bank balance and the home  on the right street.  You also have the fringe benefit of the   legal right to bulldoze your husband - to push himself beyond   his physical, mental, financial and emotional capabilities -to maintain  your  position in the eyes of your friends.
There are few  broken  Marriage And Sex that  weren't badly  dented long before the other woman entered the scene.

In most cases, we other women are self-supporting, thereby eliminating the nagging need to keep up with the Joneses.  Your husband  is with us because  he wants to be, not because there will unbridled hell to pay if he  isn't.  I cannot go to him; he  Feminism must  come to me.  I don't  have to prove  anything; he likes me for what  I am.  I needn't try to trap him into marriage; he's not available.  I'll wager my Brillo pad against your streamlined dishwasher that I know more about what makes him tick than you do. If you let up the pressure on him a little, you'll have the pleasure of his company for a far greater number of years with me than without me.

I have just read "The Other Woman Speaks" and I feel the need to say one word in reply: Baloney!

Having been both the offended and the offending party more than once, I feel qualified to speak on this subject. The first time I became pregnant, my husband started cheating immediately. I tried being all the things "the other woman" says American wives are not "patient, understanding, loyal, devoted, affectionate, available and grateful." It didn't work. He didn't dig pregnant women. Alas, he also didn't dig contraceptives (this was before the pill). Result: I became virtually a brood sow, being impregnated time after time and then rejected for some slim young thing as soon as I began physically to show the pregnancy . After several years of this, I decided that as a Prison in Sex my own right, I could use some extracurricular activities myself. There was a shortage of single men in our suburb; so my affairs were with married men. I heard the same story from all of them-the story that other woman repeats. I began to wonder if there were that many selfish and stupid wives in the world or if this was just the standard line all philandering husbands use.

Somehow, our marriage staggers along, although we have been on the verge of divorce countless times. Meanwhile, the chief victims are our innocent children. I am trying to hold the family together for their sake, not for the "consumer goodies" that the other woman claims hypnotize us. And, unlike her, I am not proud of my adulterous carryings-on, but I am not going to sit home biting my nails in frustration while my husband is out bouncing some young chick in a cheap motel.