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        There are, heaven knows, many published marriage manuals. Why, then another?

        Because, although many of the existing books are excellent and have well served the patients and friends to whom I have recommended them, none quite seems to fill all the requirements which I am ungracious enough to demand of the ideal work in this area.

        What are these requirements? Simply that a hand book of marital  sexual relationship be-

        Objective rather than moralizing.

        Practical rather than academic.

        Psychosexual rather than merely sexual morality ; psychological rather than only psychological or biological.

        Honest and forthright rather than vague and defensive.

        Modern rather than dated.

        Complete as to essentials rather than irrelevantly all inclusive.

        Clear and interesting rather than profound and dull.

        I have shaped this book to these requirements so that men and women may have the basic  sex knowledge that they need of themselves and of each other.

        I hope it will guide them toward experiencing the creative sex relationships that are the birthright of every human being sex .