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Chapter Fourteen

            'Come to my office,' Joel suggested. 'be here around twelve forty-five.'

            Rosarita didn't need asking twice. It was Tuesday, and she'd spent far too much time with her in-laws, although there had been a slight diversion - Dex getting into sex again was a mild bonus.

            Chas hadn't mentioned a word to her since she'd requested that he get rid of her husband. Was it such a terrible thing to do? If Dex planned on screwing up her life, he had to be gotten rid of. There was no choice.

            However, on the other hand, if he co-operated and gave her divorce with no problems, perhaps she'd allow him a stay of execution.

            Should he be difficult, she had alternative plans. If Chas wouldn't get with the programme, she'd be forced to hire a professional. A grim thought, but she'd definitely do it. No way would she allow herself to be trapped - tied to a clinging and unsatisfactory husband who wouldn't let her go.

            She'd never been to Joel's office situated in the Blaine building - a magnificent shimmering tower of glass and concrete owned by his father. Joel had confided he was all set to take over the business. 'Leon's ready to retire,' he'd informed her. 'So I'm the man.'

            Rosarita was surprised to discover that Joel's office was on the thirty-fifth floor because, according to what she'd found out, the place to be was on the thirty-sixth floor, where Leon Blaine kept his suite of personal offices.

            Joel's assistant, Jewel, a skinny black girl with four-inch talon-like nails painted green, a massive amount of corn-rowed hair, and a belligerent attitude, was sitting behind a pale wood reception desk. 'yes?' she said, in an unfriendly fashion, as Rosarita approached.

            'I'm here to see Mr Joel Blaine,' Rosarita said haughtily.

            'And who might you be?'

            'Mr Blaine is expecting me,' Rosarita said.

            'Then I guess you gotta have a name,' Jewel countered.

            They locked eyeballs.

            'Tell him Rosarita is here,' she said, through clenched teeth, realizing -and not for the first time-that she'd been conceived while her parents were lolling on a beach in Puerto Vallarta.

            'Rosarita,' Jewel repeated, giving her name an evil twist. 'I'll tell him. take a seat, honey.'

            Honey! Now Rosarita was seriously pissed off. She sat down in the reception area, picked up a copy of People magazine, and stared mindlessly at a picture of a half-naked Brad Pitt.

            The girl with the green nails was now on the phone. A personal call. She was whispering and snickering ignoring Rosarita's presence.

            After ten minutes of this crap, Rosarita got up and approached the desk. 'Does Mr Blaine know I'm waiting?' she demanded, in a shrill voice.

            'Oh,' Jevel said, unconcerned, 'he was on the phone when you got here. I'll check if he's free now.' She buzzed him, and said in a far too familiar fashion, 'Joel, some lady called Rosarita's waiting out here. You want I should send her in?' A pause. 'Okay,' she said, giving Rosarita a long, insolent smirk, 'you can go in now.'

            Rosarita marched into Joel's office, and was somewhat taken aback to find it was not the expansive suite of rooms she'd imagined. It was nice enough, with leather furniture and a big window overlooking the Avenue of the Americas, but it was hardly the luxury space she'd thought it would be.

            Joel was sitting behind his desk, wearing a pink cashmere sweater and a welcoming smile. 'Hi, babe,' he said. 'come on in, an' close the door behind you.'

            She did as he asked. He stood up from behind his desk, walked around the side of it and came towards her. From the waist down he was totally bare-assed naked.

            'Joel' she shrieked, half shocked and half amused. 'I notice you're pleased to see me.'

            'Thought I'd put a smile on your face,' he said, grinning.

            She couldn't keep her eyes off his penis - it gave 'big' a whole new meaning. Rich and well hung, what more could a girl ask for?

            'You're a rude boy,' she scolded. 'Rude and crude.' 'And you get off on it, don't you, babe?' He leered.

            She glanced at the large expanse of window behind him. they were overlooked by another office building across the street. Naturally his window blinds were open.

            This immediately excited her. She knew there must be people watching, which is exactly the way he wanted. 'How was your weekend? She asked.

            'Pretty laid-back,' he said, casually touching himself.

            'What did you do?' she asked, taking a deep breath.

            'What didn't I do.'

            Instinct warned her not to question him further.

            Why doncha get on your knees and gimme one of your specials?' he suggested, planting himself in front of her.

            'Shouldn't we lock the door?' she said, knowing full well what his answer would be.

            'What for? Nobody's gonna come in unless they knock.' He turned slightly so that his profile was in a direct line with the window.

            Rosarita got down on her knees, feeling naughty and dirty and incredibly turned-on. He put his hands behind his head, shoving his Johnson in her mouth without so much as touching her.

            She attempted to grab his magnificent eight-plus.

            'No hands,' he commanded. 'Only your mouth, babe.' A surge of excitement coursed through her veins.

            'C'mon,' he urged. 'Do me the way you know I like it.'

            So she did.

            After he'd climaxed, she waited for him to reciprocate. He didn't. he strolled back behind his desk, picked up his pants and pulled them on.

            'What about me?' she demanded, getting off her knees.

            'Come back tomorrow,' he said casually. 'I'm gonna spread you on my desk and eat you like I haven't had food in a week.'

            She felt shudders of anticipation.

            'Okay, babe,' he said, dismissing her with a wave of his hand. 'I got business to conduct. Same time tomorrow.'

            Rosarita had never been treated in such an off-hand fashion. It was unbelievably exciting!

            The girl at Reception gave her an arch look as she retreated from his office. Damn! She'd forgotten to complain about her.

            No hurry. She'd do that tomorrow.


            Across town, Dexter was having coffee with the star of Dark Days, silver Anderson, a magnificent sixty-something-year-old woman who had ruled television for the last twenty years. Martha and Matt were also at the table, both of them in awe of the fabulous Silver.

            'And so you see, darling,' Silver said, in her exaggerated pseudo-British accent. 'I adore this business, and this business adores me. And when I get to work with young, upcoming actors like your son, it is pure pleasure. Observer the boy- isn't he a divine specimen of manhood?'

            Dexter looked suitably modest. 'He certainly is,' Martha agreed, eyes shining.

            Matt didn't say a word. He was mesmerized by this incredible woman, thinking back to the days when she was a huge movie star and he was a fourteen -year-old boy sitting in the back row of the local movie theatre jacking off over her image on the big screen. Silver Anderson hadn't changed much, she was still magnificent.

            After coffee, Dexter put his parents in a cab and sent them back to the apartment. Then he returned to the set. Silver was in her dressing room.

            'Thanks for doing that,' he said, popping his head around her door.

            'Dexter darling,' she drawled, 'any friend of yours is a friend of mine.'

            'You don't know what a thrill it was for them to meet you. Especially when you agreed to have pictures taken with them.'

            'Your father is adorable,' silver said, peering at her reflection in her dressing-table mirror. 'By the way, Dexter, where's that wife of yours? How come she never visits the set?'

            'Rosarita's always busy,' he said quickly.

            'Does she work?'

            'No, she has other stuff to do.'

            'What stuff?'

            'You know,' he said vaguely. 'Hair, nails, waxing.' Silver gave a throaty laugh. 'She sounds like a Hollywood wife.' 'I'm trying to knock her up,' he confessed.

            'Good idea,' Silver said, still studying her reflection. 'Barefoot and slaving in the kitchen, that's the way to keep a woman under control. especially if she's out there spending your money.'

            'Fortunately she's got a rich dad,' he revealed.

            'The worst kind of girls.' Silver sighed, picking up a brush. 'always running to Daddy with their problems. It so undermines your authority.'

            Authority. Dexter liked that. He was Rosarita's husband. He had authority.

            And the next time she brought up the subject of divorce , he was damn well going to hit her over the head with all the authority he could muster.


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