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Chapter Sixteen

            Chas Vincent sometimes wished that he'd had a son. How come he'd got stuck with two daughters? The good seed and the bad seed. He loved them both, but Rosarita was definitely one big pain in the ass. Maybe it was all that hot Mexican sunshine when she was conceived.

            Vinice, on the other hand, was an angel, and so were her kids. Not that he saw much of them, but when he did, it pleased him to know that they were carrying on the Vincent bloodline, something that was important to him.

            Chas Vincent had led a rip-roaring life, and he let no one forget it. He was ruler of his own particular roost. He had enemies, he had friends, but he sure was no killer, which Rosarita seemed to think he was. She was insane and deluded. How could she imagine he was capable of having a man whacked? Especially his own son-in-law.

            Rosarita was in dire need to a shrink. And the sooner the better. He'd pay for it. He paid for everything else, so why not a shrink for his crazy daughter too? It occurred to him that maybe should talk to Dexter, warn him.

            Now! Nobody would believe that Rosarita would go to her own father to try to have her husband taken care of simply because the putz wouldn't co-operate on a divorce . No fucking way!

            Varoomba was in the bathroom, doing whatever she did in there before she spent the night. She'd become a fixture ever since the family dinner. Having her around suited him for now - he'd even contemplated telling her to give up her job at the club and move in for a while. The trouble with that was the moment they moved in it was a bitch getting rid of'em. And he didn't need that headache again.

            His other thought was that he'd pay the rent on her apartment, that way she could stay over when he wanted her to, and go home when he'd had enough.

            Varoomba emerged from the bathroom wearing the best Victoria's Secret had to offer. He got off on sexy lingerie, a fact she was well aware of.

            'Looking hot, baby,' he remarked, lowering the volume on the TV.

            'Thanks, Daddy,' she cooed.

            Daddy! This was a new one. He wasn't sure he liked it. 'Don't call me that,' he said abruptly.

            'Okay,' she said, absent-mindedly pinching her left nipple. 'But you told me yourself I'm younger than your two daughters. so, in a way, you could be my daddy.' She giggled coyly. 'My sugar daddy!'

            Those words were enough to reduce his hard -on to nothing.

            Why couldn't women learn to keep their dump mouths shut?


            Rosarita swept into the reception area of Joel's office as if she owned the place. The same black girl was sitting behind the desk filing those same atrocious green nails.

            'Remember me?' Rosarita snapped.

            'No,' Jewel said, surly as ever.

            ''Tell Mr Blaine I'm here. The name is Rosarita.'

            'Oh, yeah,' Jewel said, snickering. 'Rosarita. Kind of an off-the -wall name for a non-Mexicana, huh?'

            'What? Rosarita said, outraged.

            'You heard,' Jevel replied insolently, secure that Joel would never fire her- she knew too much.

            Rosarita tapped her stiletto-heeled Gucci shoe impatiently on the marble floor. She'd had enough of this rude girls shit. Why had she forgotten to tell Joel to get rid of them cretin?

            Ignoring her, she strode past her towards Joel's office. 'Wait a minute,' jewel said, scrambling out from behind her desk and chasing after her. 'You can't do that.'

            'Try and stop me,' Rosarita said, flinging open his door. Joel was standing in front of his desk, jerking off, large member in hand for all to see.

            'Joel!' Rosarita exclaimed.

            'Oops!' jewel giggled, backing out of the door.

            'What took you so long?' Joel questioned, a welcoming smirk on his fleshy face.

            It occurred to Rosarita that she might be getting in over her head. Joel was definitely loco. But sexy with it.

            'What are you doing?' she squealed. 'What does it look like I'm doing?' he replied, perfectly at ease.

            'Couldn't you at least have waited for me?' 'Why waste a good head-start?' he said, right hand still in action.

            Shutting the door behind her she ventured closer. 'Don't let me disturb you,' she said sarcastically.

            'I can assure you, babe, you're not,' he answered, and then, grabbing a tissue, he groaned loudly and finished the job.

            'Goddamn it, Joel!' she complained. 'What is going on? Why are you standing here by yourself jacking off?' 'Am I by myself?' he said, unconcerned as he zipped up. 'Thought you were here.'

            'Yes, I am, and so was your so-called assistant.'

            'Take no notice of Jewel, she's seen it all before.'

            'You're not having sex with that -that tramp?' Rosarita asked, furious at the possibility. 'Get real, babe. I'm Joel Blaine. But you know,' he added, with a cocky wink, 'When you spend a lot of time with someone, there ain't a lot secrets between you.'

            Rosarita was exasperated. This man was totally out there, and it excited the hell out of her. 'Move your ass over here an' stop nagging,' he ordered.

            She sauntered towards his desk. 'My in-laws are still in town,' she said, as if he cared. 'Jump up on the desk, babe. I'm gonna show you some tongue action the like of which you've never experienced.'

            Gingerly she perched on the edge of his desk.

            He grinned and shoved her back so that her butt was firmly planted in the middle of the desk, while her legs dangled limply over the side.

            'Raise your ass an' remove your panties,' he commanded. 'What makes you think I'm wearing any?' she said, in what she hoped was a provocative drawl.

            'Oh, baby, baby,' he crooned, 'you and I, we're a pair made in heaven. An' I'm gonna show you what heaven's all about!'


            'Where were you today?' Dexter asked, as soon as Rosarita arrived home. 'I had some errands to run,' she answered vaguely, trying not to think about Joel's talented tongue licking her dry. Was he the best or what?

            'My mom thought you were taking her to the museum. She's disappointed.' 'I'll take her tomorrow,' Rosarita said, adding a snippy, 'I have a life, you know.'

            'Your life is with me,' Dexter said.

            That's what you think

            'Your sister called.'

            'What did she want?'

            'Maybe just to be sisterly. Has it ever occurred to you that it might be nice if you asked her over for tea? Martha would love to meet the kids.'

            'Why is it that all you care about lately is making your goddamn mother happy?' she said.

            'Don't start,' he said, throwing her a warning look.

            'It's always about you,' she whined. 'always about what you want. Sometimes you might consider what I want, and you know what that is.'


            'A divorce,' she said triumphantly,

            'You promised me we wouldn't discuss it until my parents left,' he said, lowering his voice.

            'You're the one who's busy nagging me.'

            'I'm sorry. I won't say anything else.' And he didn't.

            That night he made love to her twice. He was determined to get her pregnant, and the way they were going, it shouldn't take much longer.


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