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            Thank God for Chas, was all Rosarita could say. As far as entertaining Matt and Martha Cockranger, he'd been a prince - she didn't know what she would have done without him. probably thrown herself off the top of Barney's because anything was better than spending another minute with Dexter's boring parents.

            The next night they all went to dinner at Le Cirque. Chas insisted on bringing his date, even though Rosarita begged him not to.

            Her begging had put him in a bad mood. 'Something wrong wit' alice?' he demanded. 'She's a nurse, for Crissakes. Give her some respect.'

            'Nurse, my ass,' Rosarita responded, acid tongue in action. 'She's a stripper with huge fake tits. Silicone has always been your weakness. Why can't you get over it?'

            After that little exchange, Chas chose to ignore his annoying daughter, and palled up with Martha and Matt, who hung on his every word as if he were a movie star. Chas basked in the attention as he entertained them with a few of his outlandish stories.

            Rosarita had managed to consume two martinis and a hefty steak- which she planned to regurgitate later -when she spotted Joel. He entered the restaurant with a long thin blonde draped all over him like a mink wrap. It made Rosarita crazy. She had realized that he had to have a life away from her because, after all, what could she offer him? she was married, so therefore she couldn't spend all her time with him. but actually to see him out on the town with a date -well, it wasn't very pleasant.

            The girl had the kind of long, straight blonde hair your saw on models in the fashion magazines. And she had creamy skin and legs that went on for ever. And a flat chest, Rosarita was happy to note. She was taller than Joel. He probably didn't like that. Or maybe he did.

            It occurred to Rosarita that she had not bothered to investigate all of Joel's likes and dislikes.

            She gulped down the rest of her third martini and sat up straight. What was she supposed to do? Go over, wave, say hello? As far as Dex knew, she and Joel had barely met. She'd vaguely mentioned that she'd been introduced to both Leon Blaine and his son at a cocktail party. Dex hadn't taken much notice - he probably had no idea who Leon Blaine was.

            She reached into the her purse, took out her compact and a lipstick, examined her face in the compact mirror and decided that she looked miserable. She was miserable. Who wouldn't be, stuck next to Matt and Martha Cockranger every night? And Chas wasn't much help, what with insisting on bringing his latest tit-inflated bimbo. God! What a group to be seen with!

            She watched Joel as the maitre d' seated him. his back was to her. Thank God he hadn't seen her. Now the only question was, did she go over or not?

            Not. She didn't care to be introduced to that tall drink of water he was with. Why should she honour her with a hello?.

            'I'm tired,' she complained to Dexter.

            'We haven't had dessert yet,' he said, studying the menu.

            'I know. But I'm exhausted.'

            'Then maybe you shouldn't have had three martinis,' he said, with a cutting edge to his voice.

            'What're you doing - counting my drinks?' she said, belligerently.

            'No. I simply happen to know how many you've had.'

            'Now, now, children,' Martha interrupted, chuckling gaily, 'no bickering at the table.'

            Chas guffawed. Varoomba gave a squeaky little giggle.

            'What hospital do you work at, Alice dear?' asked Martha, paying Varoomba some attention. 'Is it one of those ER places, where you see all these emergencies, and handsome doctors running around? I love George Clooney.'

            'What's ER?' Varoomba sid blankly.

            'Emergency room,' Chas said, kicking her under the table.

            'Oh, yeah, emergency room,' Varoomba said. 'I'm a private nurse. Only give private service.'

            'I see,' Martha said. 'So you go to people's homes?'

            'Only if they pay me enough,' Varoomba said.

            Chas threw her a shut-the-fuck-up look . so Varoomba shut the fuck up.

            Rosarita ordered another martini while keeping a well-trained eye on Joel's back. It seemed to her that his date was the one paying him all the attention. At one point she noticed the girl snake a long, thin arm around his shoulders, her hand making its way up to the back of his neck, where her fingers proceeded to do a little dance.

            Skinny bitch!

            She managed to leave the restaurant without Joel seeing her., so much for small favours.

            The next morning the first thing she did was call him. his answering -machine picked up, so she tried him at his office.

            'Joel won't be in for a few days,' said the girl with the green nails, or at least Rosarita assumed it was her.

            'Is there anywhere I can reach him?

            'Who's calling?'

            Oh, Christ! Here we go again, Rosarita thought. And she hung up.

            Damn! Joel hadn't told her he was going away. But then , why should he? They didn't have that kind of relationship. And the reason they didn't was because Dexter was in her way and refused to budge.

            The sooner she got rid of him, the better off they'd all be.


            The only good thing about them staying in the apartment was that it seemed to turn Dexter on.

            'What happened to you?' she'd asked one night after a particularly vigorous love-making session.

            'You're my wife,' he'd answered. 'I love you.'

            'Sometimes love isn't enough,' she'd said.

            'We'll see,' he'd replied.

            Did he know something she didn't?

            Martha was quite obviously entranced with Chas. Every word he uttered caused her to gaze at him with adoring eyes. Major middle age crush, Rosarita thought. How pathetic. Chas was hardly a matinee idol.

            Chas, of course, got off on the attention. In the Cockrangers' eyes he was a big man living in a magnificent townhouse with a luscious girlfriend. He had many tales to tell about his colourful past in the construction business, and they ate it up. Especially Martha, while Matt couldn't take his eyes off Varoomba's tits - or alice, as the family knew her. Mostly Rosarita ignored Chas's latest conquest. Her daddy might want to hang with trash, but there was no reason she had to be polite.

            She hadn't been able to reach Joel for five days, which was pissing her off. Where was he? And, even more important, who was he with? When she finally did connect and asked him where he'd been, he was most uncooperative. 'Didn't know I had to check in,' he said, like she was nothing more than a casual acquaintance.

            'I saw you the other night,' she said accusingly.

            'Where'd you see me?'

            'At Le Cirque with some skinny bitch.'

            Joel chuckled. 'That skinny bitch happens to be a famous supermodel.'

            'Famous, my ass.' Rosarita snorted. 'What's the difference between a supermodel and a showroom girl? No difference. Supermodel is merely a word the media made up. It means nothing. Anyway,' she added, finishing with the ultimate put-down, 'I've never seen her before.'

            Joel chuckled again. 'Don't go getting jealous,' he warned. 'She's too thin to be sexy. All bones and no tits.'

            'Who's jealous?' Rosarita said, irritated that he would think she was. 'Wanna come by the office today?' he offered. 'Maybe around lunch-time?'

            Yes, she did. But the last thing she needed was for him to think she was too eager. 'Depends what's on the menu,' she said casually.

            'Who do you think should do all the eating today?' he asked. 'You or me?'

            Now it was her turn to laugh. I am hungry,' she admitted. 'Then how about we go with a double-header?'

            She was getting turned on already. 'In your office?' 'My desk. Your cute ass. Twelve thirty. I promise you a window-seat. Like that idea?'

            Like it? She loved it. 'I'll be there,' she said. 'only do me a favour and tell that moron working reception to let me right in. I do not appreciate being kept waiting.'

            'Jewel do something to offend you?'

            'She needs firing.'

            'See you later, babe.'

            Rosarita quickly checked out the time. Ten thirty. Hmm.if she was going to indulge in a double- header, she definitely needed a bikini wax.

            Shivering with anticipation, she called the Elizabeth Arden salon and made an immediate appointment.


            'Have you heard the news? Silver Anderson said, peering at Dexter with heavily made-up eyes. 'What news?' he said. He'd recently arrived at the studio and was waiting to go into Makeup

            'I hate to be the one to tell you,' silver drawled, 'but you should know. You're one of my favourites, Dexter. You try hard and you look divine. You will be a star one of these days-mark my words.'

            'What are you trying to say, Silver?'

            'We're being cancelled.'

            His stomach dropped. 'Cancelled?' he said, dismayed. 'When did you hear this?'

            'I have my spies,' she said. 'And, naturally, being the star of the show, I hear everything first. They haven't made an official announcement, but I can assure you that within the next week you will get your pink slip. And, my dear, even though it seems positively ludicrous, so will I.'

            'Jesus!' Dexter said, his stomach taking a further dive. 'I thought we were doing so well. I receive at least a hundred fan letters a week.'

            'And I get thousand,' Silver said. 'However, it seems to make no difference. It's the executives at the network who make such foolish decisions, and unfortunately they're all mentally aged twelve. The fans mean nothing to them, they don't care what the audience wants.'

            Dexter attempted to pull himself together and not look like this was the end of his world. 'What will they replace us with?' he asked.

            'Who knows?' Silver said vaguely. 'some boring teen drama full of pre-pubescent nobodies. It's shocking. And they're so lucky to have me, too.'

            'I agree,' he said. 'You're such a star, Silver. You're so..so incredible. In fact,' he ventured, 'you're a legend in your own lifetime.'

            She laughed. 'For a moment I thought you were about to say in your own mind.'

            'What will you do?' he asked, trying to focus on her. 'Go back to L.A.?'

            'I might,' she said. 'Or I could decide to stay in New York. I enjoy it here. Perhaps I'll even go to Europe. They positively worship older women in Europe. They understand that we are the ones who know all the secrets that make men very happy indeed.' She gave him a long, penetrating look. 'Does your wife make you very happy indeed, Dexter?'

            he was embarrassed. He didn't care to discuss his sex-life with silver Anderson, he admired and respected her too much.

            'Yeah, we have a good.uh, satisfactory sex thing going,' he mumbled. 'I bet you do,' silver trilled. 'You know, Dexter, darling,' she confided. 'In the old days I always slept with my leading men. It was a given.'

            'You did?' He gulped.

            'I considered it one of the perks of the business.' A low, throaty chuckle. 'And, believe me, so did they. However,' she sighed, ' things are different today.' She reached out a languid hand. 'Come over her, Dexter, come close to me.'

            He felt like a deer caught in the sights of a particularly lethal rifle. Reluctantly he edged closer.

            'Surely I don't scare you, do I?' Silver said, scaring the crap out of him.

            'You're so famous,' he blurted. 'Maybe I'm , uh, y'know, in awe of you.'

            'You're a very attractive man,' Silver said, her voice getting deeper. 'And I've seen many attractive men in my time. Oh, I could tell you stories about some of the stars I've worked with. Burt Reynolds; William Shatner; even dear old Clint. But I've never been a believer in kissing and telling. I find that simply appalling. Although.' A naughty pause. 'If I wanted to tell, I'd have stories that would make Esther William's hair stand on end. Did you read her book? No, perhaps you didn't she said, gripping his hand firmly. 'You don't spend a lot of time reading, do you, Dexter?'


            She was making intricate little circles in his palm with her index finger. In spite of himself, he felt a sudden and unexpected stirring in his pants.

            'Lock the door, Dexter,' she said, in a low, sexy growl. 'It's time for your farewell gift.'

            He tried to swallow but couldn't quite do so. Her hand was on his zipper. She was pulling it down.

            Oh, God! If his dad could only see him now.


            This time Rosarita was not prepared to take any crap. She swept into Joel's reception area, barely glancing at the girl with the green nails, who happened to be on the phone. 'Jewel, dear,' she said patronizingly, 'Joel's expecting me. He told me to go straight in.'

            'He did?' Jewel said.

            Rosarita smiled. She had lovely teeth, white and even; they'd cost Chas a fortune. 'Never mind, dear,' she said, and she was inside Joel's office before Jewel could give her one of her insolent looks.

            Joel was on the phone, his feet propped up on the desk. He was actually fully dressed.

            Rosarita slammed the door behind her. 'Welcome back,' she said, approaching his desk. 'Incidentally, where were you?'

            He covered the mouthpiece with his hand. 'Fucking my brains out in Miami,' he said, with a lewd wink. 'Whyn't you sit down?' He went back to his conversation. 'Okay, babe,' he said, into the receiver. 'I'll see you later.'

            Rosarita was dying to ask who was on the phone, but she was wise enough to keep her mouth firmly shut. It wouldn't be cool to push.

            'How's it going?' he said, clicking off the phone.

            'My in-laws are still in town,' she said. 'The moment they leave, Dex and I are going through with our divorce.'

            He didn't exactly jump with enthusiasm. In fact, he didn't say anything. Instead he opened his desk drawer, took out a small glass vial of coke, tipped the powder on to the desk, arranged it in neat lines, handed her a short plastic straw and said, 'Take a snort, babe.'

            It occurred to her that having people watch them have sex was one thing, but doing drugs with an audience across the street was quite another.

            'Should we do this with people watching?; she said.

            'What makes you think anyone's watching?' he countered.

            'You walk around here most of the time with your crown jewels hanging out,' she said tartly. 'I'm sure you've got an avid audience.'

            He roared with laughter. 'You're a trip.'

            'So are you,' she retorted. And then she thought, To hell with it, a little coke for lunch. Great for the figure. No food, just coke. Excellent choice

            She took a delicate snort. He grinned at her and quickly snorted two lines. There was one line left. 'You or me?' he questioned. 'Go ahead,' she said graciously.

            He did so. He had a big capacity. There was a little bit of white powder remaining on the desk top. Dampening his finger he placed it on the leftover powder and spared the residue on his gums.

            'Take your clothes off, babe,' he said.

            'Shouldn't we lock the -'

            'How many times I gotta tell you?' he said, shaking his head. 'Nobody comes in here unless I invite'em.'

            Suddenly she was overcome with that same dirty feeling of excitement she always experienced around him. quickly she unbuttoned her blouse and stepped out of her skirt. She'd worn a thong especially for him, and a lacy low-cut bra.

            'You got any crotchless panties?' he asked.

            'Of course,' she said, making a mental note to buy a few pairs.

            'Wear'em next time.'

            She nodded, already anticipating his rough touch.

            He stood up, dropped his pants and kiced them under the desk. 'Take it all off, babe, get up on the desk an' spread'em,' he commanded.

            Who was she to argue? She removed her bra, stepped out of her thong and climbed on to his desk.

            'I said spread'em, babe,' he said, parting her things. Then he crawled on top her, employing the famous sixty-nine position.

            And so the dance began


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