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Chapter Twenty -Two


            'I gotta surprise for everyone,' Chas announced. Oh, no, Rosarita thought. Chas and his surprises. What is he about to come up with now?

            She was in a good mood because this was the Cockrangers' farewell dinner party at his house, where Varoomba, recently ensconced, was playing hostess.

            What a joke, Rosarita thought. How come he's allowed this big bimbo to move in with him? there's nothing more pathetic than an old guy with a young ding-bat. Especially a dummy like Varoomba with Zonkers bigger than footballs.

            Chas had also invited Venice, Eddie and their two horrible little brats. Rosarita was less than pleased as she observed the action. Aunt material she was not.

            When Martha wasn't playing flirty eyes with Chas, she was busy fussing over Venice's kids. Matt, as usual, started drooling every time he sneaked a glimpse of Varoomba's voluptuous cleavage, and Dex seemed to be in a slump, which he'd been in ever since he'd had the official news of his show being cancelled.

            It had not, Rosarita observed, affected his sexual prowess. What with her sessions with Joel a couple of times a week, and Dex every night, she was beginning to wonder if she had too much of a good thing going. There was only so much sex a girl could take.

            'What's your surprise, Daddy?' Venice asked, all googoo-eyed and sugary as candy floss.

            'For you.,' he said magnanimously, 'it's a trip to Hawaii with the kids, all expenses covered.'

            Rosarita's face fell. How dare he waste her inheritance in such a fashion? Venice didn't deserve shit. Certainly not a fabulous vacation.

            'An' for you.' He said, turning to Rosarita, 'It's a trip to Vegas, 'cause I know how you love it there.'

            'Vegas?' she said blankly.

            'Yeah, Vegas. I got us all tickets for the big fight. Whaddya think of that?'

            What did she think of that? Not a lot.

            'An' here's the kicker,' Chas continued. 'I'm throwing in two ringside seats for Martha and Matt, 'cause Martha told me she's never bin to Vegas. An' if you ain't seen Vegas, you ain't lived.'

            Martha clapped her hands together in ecstasy. 'Oh, my goodness!' she exclaimed. 'I'm so excited.'

            Rosarita was dumbfounded. What the hell was going on? One minute she was telling Chas she wanted Dex knocked off, and the next he was inviting the whole gang to Vegas - including Dex and his stupid parents. She could happily strangle him.

            Matt cleared his throat. 'I can't thank you enough,' he said. 'This is quite something.'

            'Don't wantcha worrying 'bout a thing,' Chas said. 'I know you're leaving tomorra, an' the fight don't take place for another few weeks, so I'll be sending you plane tickets an' well meet up in Vegas.'

            For once Rosarita was speechless. She glanced at Dex to see how he was taking the news. He seemed oblivious, in his usual blue funk, damn him!

            Hovering on the sidelines, Varoomba didn't say a word. She'd learned that when in Chas's company it was best to stay quiet, especially when his two daughters were around. Venice was okay, but the other one was a bitch on roller-skates, and Varoomba made sure to steer clear.

            'So Whaddya think?' Chas said, beaming at the assorted company, getting off on playing big man on campus.

            'Hawaii sounds dreamy,' Venice breathed. 'I've always wanted to go there.'

            'Thanks, Chas,' Eddie said, brown-nosing as usual. 'We could all do with a vacation.'

            'What about me?' Varoomba wanted to say, but she prudently kept quiet - not anxious to piss Chas off. If he did plan to take her to Vegas, it was probably best not to mention that she'd worked there at one time. In fact her grandmother, who used to be queen of the Strip, still lived there.

            Rosarita couldn't wait to get her father alone. Oh, boy, was she going to give him a piece of her mind. On the way home she sulked in the car while Martha yammered on about what a fabulous evening they'd had, and how fantastic it was that they were all going to be meeting up in Vegas.

            'You won't be able to come,' Rosarita said, shooting Dex a moody look.

            'Why not?' he said.

            'You'll be working.'

            'No, I won't he said. 'This is my last week on the show. After Friday I'll be free to go wherever I want.'

            'Oh, well, then,' she said sarcastically, ' I guess a nice little trip to Vegas is just what you need. Why work? Why not stand around gambling all day?'

            'You're so goddamn negative. Why don't you shut the fuck up?' Dexter said, surprising everyone with his unexpected outburst.

            'Are you swearing at me in front of your parents? Rosarita responded furiously.

            'yes, dear,' Martha interjected, glaring at her son. 'It's not nice to use bad language . I thought I taught you that when you were a boy.'

            'Yes, Dex, it's not nice,' Rosarita mocked.

            'You know,' Martha said, oblivious to her son's bad mood, 'when Dickie was nine, he came home from school one day chanting the S word. I had to wash his mouth out with soap.'

            'Did you now?' Rosarita said, enjoying every moment of Dexter's obvious embarrassment. 'We're all tired,' Matt said with a hearty yawn. 'It's been a hectic two weeks.'

            'Actually, you mean three weeks,' Rosarita pointed out, saliently adding that she'd counted every minute of every day, so she should know.


            The next morning, as soon as she awoke, Rosarita was on the phone to Chas. 'What are you thinking?' she screeched.

            'Huh?' Chas mumbled. 'Whassamatter?'

            'I'm coming over to see you.' And before he could think of a way to stop her, she slammed the phone down.

            Twenty minutes later she was at his house. Ignoring Varoomba, who was hovering in the front hall looking especially top heavy in a pink negligee, she swept past her into the library.

            A few minutes later a reluctant Chas put in an appearance. He knew he was due for an ear-bashing and he also knew there was nothing he could do about it. When Rosarita was on a roll there was no stopping her.

            'What is wrong with you?' Rosarita shouted, walking over and slamming the library door shut. 'I told you how I feel about Dex. How dare you invite him and his stupid parent to Vegas? I don't get it. You know what I asked you to do, and since you refused, I'll be forced to make other arrangements.'

            'Shut your mouth with that bullshit crap,' Chas said, scowling. 'Do what everyone else does when they wanna divorce. Wait it out.'

            'I'm not giving him half of everything,' she yelled. 'You bought me the Mercedes. The wedding presents are mine. The apartment is mine. He's getting nothing!'

            'It's only money,' Chas said.

            'Only money,' she said ominously. 'What happened to you? You used to be able to take care of things. Now look at you - you're turning into a senile old man.'

            'Shut your damn mouth,' Chas repeated angrily, red in the face. 'Dexter's folks are decent people, an' even though he's a dumb actor he seems to be an okay guy. An' -more important, God help the poor bastard - he loves you. Where's you gonna find that? Most guys are assholes, an' you know it.'

            She narrowed her eyes. 'What you're saying is that you think I should sacrifice my chance of happiness and stay with Dex.'

            'You could do worse.'

            'And I could do better. And let me tell you.' A triumphant pause. 'I have.' 'Yeah?' he said, chewing his bottom lip.

            'I wasn't going to tell you, Daddy, but I've been seeing somebody.'

            'Dexter know about this?'

            'Of course not,' she said, rolling her eyes at his stupidity. 'That's why I've got to get rid of him. can't have him getting in my way, can I?'

            'Who're you seeing'?

            'I'm sure you've heard of Leon Blaine.'

            Chas's mouth twitched. 'You screwin' that old fuck?'

            'No,' she said scornfully. 'Not him. His son, Joel. He's crazy about me.

            'Joel Blaine is crazy 'bout you?' Chas repeated, certain his elder daughter was delusional.

            'Don't sound so surprised, Daddy,' she said, slightly put out that he obviously didn't believer her. 'Men go wild for me, and since I have an opportunity to be with Leon Blaine's son, I think I should take it, and not be hindered in my quest to do so.'

            'You. you're something else,' Chas said, shaking his head in wonderment.

            'I'm not letting Joel Blane slip out of my sight,; she said stubbornly. 'I have to do something fast.'

            'You're talking crazy,' Chas said, scratching his chin. 'Crazier every day.'

            'Fuck you!' she yelled, in frustration, because he simply didn't get it. 'You're no help. You're forcing me to deal with this myself. And I will. That's a goddamn promise!'

            And before he could come up with a suitable answer, she slammed her way out of his house.


            Joel waited for Varoomba to call him and keep their appointment. She didn't, which pissed him off because he'd had it all planned. He was going to have her dance for him on his desk, giving them a show across the street the likes of which they'd never seen. He was bored with Rosarita, he needed a new distraction, and Varoomba was it.

            After a few days he contacted the manager at the Boom Boom Club, who informed him he had no idea where Varoomba had gone.

            Jewel buzzed him at his desk. 'That woman's been on the phone again, the one with the Mexican name,' she said. 'What'll I tell her?'

            'That I'm out,' he wait shortly. 'Permanently out to her.'

            'Sure,' Jewel said, used to the way he treated women. They came. They went. They lasted a few weeks, then it was bye-bye and on to the next.

            She was well aware of what went on in his office, but it didn't bother her, as long as he didn't bother her. And he never did, because as far as she could tell Joel Blaine sat in his office all day jerking off, which suited her fine. No e-mails, no faxes, no filing. Joel didn't know what work was. Besides, everyone knew that his daddy was the man with the power: Leon Blaine controlled everything. Poor old Joel was lucky if he got him on the phone once a week.


            Meanwhile, Dexter was doing his best to avoid all contact with Silver Anderson. This was not easy since they were working together, and sometimes they had scenes to perform side by side.

            The day after their show was officially cancelled, Silver had finally cornered him. 'You've been staying out of my way, you bad boy,' she'd scoled, wagging a beringed finger at him.

            'N-Not true.' He'd stammered.

            'Yes, you have,' she'd admonished him. 'And I know why. It's because you are uneasy about putting me in a compromising position.' A pause. A smile. 'Actually, I think that's very gentlemanly.'

            He wasn't sure what she meant, but went along with it anyway. 'You're right, Silver,' he'd said. 'I'd never want to see you hurt. And, as you know, I am a married man.'

            'I understand, darling, and it makes no difference to me because I have absolutely no desire to steal you away from hour wife.' A naughty giggle. 'All I did was suck your cock. No need for a melt-down.'

            Dexter was shocked. How could a woman of her age and dignity talk in such a base fashion? If it meant he never had to see her again, then he was relieved the show was cancelled.

            He'd called his agent two days previously. The man had failed to get back to him, which was not a good sign. But Dexter had confidence, he knew that something else would come along. He was quite sure he was destined to be far more than one of the leads of a cancelled soap.

            Yes, there were big things waiting for him, and when they came, he'd be ready to seize the opportunities.

            Dexter Falcon was prepared for bigger and better.


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