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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Thirty - Two

sex knowledge

            With the lights blazing in the bedroom, and the blinds wide open, the hotel guests next door were certainly getting an eyeful. There was Rosarita in crotch less panties, posed on the bed, legs spread. There was Joel, parading up and down in front of the window with a full erection. There were the two of them going at in front of the window.

            Joel got off on every show-off moment. This was his time in the sun. he was indulging in an activity his father could never top.

            Joel Blaine - exhibitionist.

            Joel Blaine - number one.

            Yeah. He liked this action a lot.

            Occasionally he glanced at the digital clock beside the bed. Had to keep an eye on the time, it wouldn't do to keep Madam Sylvia waiting.

            'I've missed you, Joel ,' Rosarita gasped, as her thrust in and out of her. 'have you missed me?'

            'Sure have, baby,' he lied, sweat beading his upper lip as he exerted himself.

            'Then how come you changed your phone number without telling me?'

            what was it with women? Why did they have to fuck and talk at the same time? Couldn't they shut up for once?

            'Whyn't you quit with the small-talk, honey, an' concentrate?' he muttered, changing positions. 'Here's what I'd like you t' do.'

            'Yes, Joel?' she said obediently.

            'Get down on all fours,' he said. 'We're gonna do it doggy-style.'

            Okay with her. He was Joel Blaine, Leon Blaine's son. He was also the father of her unborn child, so she was prepared to co-operate all the way. Besides, doggy-style was a turn-on.

            She tried to imagine his face when she gifted him with the good news about their baby, but first she had to get rid of Dex. Then, after a few weeks of mourning, she'd tell him.

            He grunted.

            She came.

            Getting together again was better than a day at the spa.

            By the time she left the hotel she felt like she'd experienced a vigorous work-out, which in fact she had. She reminded herself to ask Dr Shipp if too much sex was bad for the baby. Perhaps she shouldn't be quite so adventurous.

            The hotel doorman hailed her a cab. She sat in the back seat touching up her makeup. Sex with Joel was a trip. Sex with Dex was not nearly as much fun. Either a guy had it or he didn't. Dex didn't. And you would think that he would, what with all the experience he'd had in the modeling world.

            Hmm. Maybe he was secretly gay. He never got down-and-dirty the way Joel did. Yes, maybe Dex had gay tendencies he hadn't faced up to. After all, he'd been discovered by Mortimer Marcel, and nobody was gayer than Mr Marcel.

            Whatever ..

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