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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Thirty - Three

            Madison and Kimm were sitting side by side on the plane, but there was no talking going on. Madison had a hangover from hell: her head was ready to explode. She gazed out of the window as the plane prepared for take-off. God! What a way to handle things - getting drunk and laid. Big answer. Very smart.

            She was Madam Sylvia at herself, and Kimm was Madam Sylvia at her because she hadn't got back to the hotel until six a.m. 'Did it ever occur to you that I might be worried out of my mind about you?' Kimm had said.

            'Sorry,' she'd mumbled, heading straight for the bathroom.

            Standing in the shower for almost an hour, letting the cold water bring her back to reality, she'd thought about everything going on in her life and it wasn't pleasant.

            'Anyway,' she'd said, when she'd finally emerged, 'I was under the impression you were too busy having fun.'

            'I was,' Kimm admitted. 'Not a one-night stand- just fun.'

            'Okay,' Madison had said. 'No lectures. I know what I did. I fucked up. I had an opportunity to convince my aunt we could mean something to each other and I blew it. I sat in her office in a drunken haze, listening to everything she had to say and hardly reacting at all. Then I ran off with Juan and indulged in a night of mindless sex. Good move, huh?'

            Kimm had shaken her head disapprovingly.

            'Hey, listen, I've got this theory,' Madison had said. 'Sometimes a person has to blast off, otherwise they'll explode. I blasted off, now I can go home and attempt to cope with things.'

            Kimm had nodded, noncommittal to the end. 'If that's your way of handling it.'

            Now they sat on the plane in silence.

            Sipping a tomato juice, Madison decided what she would do when they got back. Concentrate on her career, that was for sure. She'd leave Michael on a back burner for now, because there was no way she could deal with seeing him. he was a liar and a fraud. Maybe even a killer.

            Michael. Her father. Daddy. The betrayer.

            She shuddered at the thought of what he might be. One the plane was in the air she fell asleep, awakening shortly before landing.

            ' I suppose this concludes our business together,' Kimm said, busily tightening her seatbelt. 'It's been an interesting experience.'

            'It certainly has,' Madison replied. 'And I want you to know that I appreciate everything you've done.'

            'Do you?' Kimm said. 'Maybe you'd be happier if I hadn't found out some of the things I did.'

            'No,' Madison said. 'I'm one of those people who prefers to know everything, and now I do.' She took a sip of her tomato juice. 'And thanks for coming to Miami with me. I couldn't have done it without you.'

            'Wish I could've been more help.'

            'Like how?' Madison said. 'Stopped me from making a fool of myself ?'

            'You didn't make a fool of yourself,' Kimm said, sensible as ever. 'You slept with a very attractive young man. It's understandable.'

            'Young's the operative word,' Madison responded ruefully. 'But what the heck? I'm free to do what I pleased- big fucking deal.'

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