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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Thirty - Four

            Rosarita didn't tell Chas, Martha Cockranger did. She had the balls to call Chas from wherever it was in the boondocks that she lived and inform him that his own daughter was pregnant.

            Chas got on the phone to Rosarita immediately. 'Why the hell didn't you tell me?' he exploded. 'What the frig is this? I gotta hear it from some old broad I barely know?'

            'What do you mean, barely know?' Rosarita said, outraged that he'd found out before she'd a chance to tell him. 'Martha cockranger looks at you like she's discovered the second coming of George Clooney!'

            Chas calmed down and chucked. 'Can help it if I got that effect on broads?'

            'Daddy, stop it,' Rosarita said, bad-temperedly. Her father always had been a conceited son-of-a-bitch, and as he grew older his ego seemed to be getting bigger than ever.

            'So,' Chas said, 'you're knocked up, kiddo. You gotta bun in the box. This'll make things right between you an' Dex.'

            No, it won't, she thought grimly. But then again, I'd better play it cool. After all, Chas knows my original plan, and since he isn't prepared to co-operate, I can't let him in on what I'm about to do next. Let it all come as one big surprise.

            You given Venice the good news?' he inquired.

            'I wasn't planning on making a public announcement,' she answered testily. 'I don't want anybody knowing until we get back from Vegas.'

            'Whyzatt?' Chas demanded.

            'Because my doctor insists I should take it easy and keep it to myself. In case you're unaware, the first few weeks of pregnancy are an extremely delicate time.' Her voice rose. 'Call that Cockranger bitch and warn her to shut her big fat mouth.'

            'Too late for that,' Chas wheezed, indulging in a short coughing fit. You better talk to your old man.'

            'Fine,' Rosarita said, happy to place the blame on Dex. 'It's all his fault.'

            Where was her soon-to-be-deceased husband anyway? She hadn't seen him, which could be because she was still in bed and had no intention of getting up any time soon. She was allowed to pamper herself, wasn't she?

            After saying goodbye to Chas, she buzzed Conchita.

            'Is Mr Falcon around?' she asked, when Conchita entered the bedroom.

            'Out jogging, Miss,' Conchita said, diligently straightening the drapes.

            'Tell him when he comes in that'd like to see him. And bring me some toast and . I think I'll have hot chocolate today.'

            'Ah, very good for the baby,' Conchita said, with a knowing smirk.

            'Excuse me?' Rosarita said haughtily. 'What do you mean, the baby?'

            'Madam is pregnant.'

            'How do you know?'

            'Mister told me.'

            Oh, God, she was going to ream Dex's ass when he came home- his big, dump, soap-opera ass.

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