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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Thirty - Five

            Making up for lost time, Madison went to work with a vengeance. She thoroughly researched Antonio 'The Panther' Lopez, also looking into the career of his opponent, the champ. Then, on into the career of his opponent, the champ. Then, open a roll, she managed to write two chapters of her novel; attend a few yoga classes because she thought it would help relieve her tension; phone Stella's best friend, Warner Carlysle, who never returned her call; had a couple more lunches with Jamie; wrote a long letter to Michael, saying she did not wish to see him for a while and would contact him when she was ready; spoke to Natalie on the phone at length; attended one of Victor's incredibly boring dinner parties at which she almost insulted the blind date that Evelyn sat next to her; and finally agreed to have lunch with David, because his incessant phone calls were driving her nuts.

            'If I have lunch with you, will you leave me alone?' she demanded, on the phone.

            'You have my word,' he promised.

            Yeah, ell, David's word was about as trustworthy as a recovering sex addict at an orgy. This could be because he was a producer of an early morning news show and, as such, knew plenty about maneuvering his way out of difficult situations.

            She walked to the Italian restaurant he'd chosen, thinking that she couldn't wait to get out of town. A change of scene was exactly what she needed, and the sooner the better. Victor, the coward, had not cancelled Jake, so that was the only downer; he would be in Vegas. But she'd made up her mind - no more getting involved, however Jake decided to play it.

             sexual Relationships were a bitch. Who could figure anything out? Smart as she was, she certainly couldn't. She was still confused about the way Jake had behaved. She'd thought they were at the start of something special. He apparently had not.

            The first words David said to her when she sat down at the cosy corner table he'd chosen were, 'Have you met somebody else?'

            'if I were to meet somebody else,' she said, immediately uptight, 'that would mean there was somebody in my life in the first place and, believe me, David, you've been long gone.'

            'You know what I mean.' He said, pouring her a glass of her favourite red wine, which he'd prudently ordered ahead of time.

            'No, I don't,' she retaliated, pushing her wine-glass away. 'And I'm not drinking today, so don't bother.'

            'Okay, I'll rephrase it,' he said. 'Have you met somebody?'

            'No, David,' she answered patiently, trying to keep her anger under control. 'I have not met anybody. And I do not want to. Right now, I'm off men.'

            'That sounds bitter,' he said, making a face.

            'Actually,' she said, messing with his head because deep down David was a pure chauvinist and a closet homophobic - two things she'd always hated about him, 'I was thinking of changing tracks.'

            His eyebrows shot up. 'Changing tracks?'

            'Maybe I'll get myself a girlfriend,' she continued, pushing his buttons. 'You know, a sensitive woman who'll cater to my every need.'

            'You're full of shit,' he said with a disbelieving snort. 'You love sex.'

            'I love sex with someone special,' she shot back. 'I thought you wee someone special. Turns out I was wrong.'

            The waiter appeared by their table with menus. He handed them over, then reeled off a list of the day's specials. Madison ordered lightly grilled sea bass and a mixed green salad. David went for the house recommendation - seafood lasagna and a small Caesar.

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