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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Thirty - Six

            It took Dexter a few days, but eventually he was able to secure a meeting with Mortimer Marcel. Mortimer, who kept luxurious offices on Park Avenue, suggested he drop by at five to see him.

            Dexter arrived on time. Mortimer greeted him sitting behind his elegant antique desk. Stationed beside him was his faithful black lover, Jefferson, who obviously did not trust his paramour to be alone in Dexter's company. There had always been an edgy atmosphere between them. Jefferson was extremely jealous of Dexter, whom he considered a rival of sorts.

            Dexter greeted them both, and they all exchanged the usual you're-looking-wonderful. 'I hear your soap has been cancelled,' Jefferson couldn't wait to say. 'Does that mean you're coming back to try to score another underwear campaign?'

            Dexter managed a smile. 'I got so many other things going on,' he said. 'My new agent is confident we're about to sign on for something big.'

            'Excellent news,' Mortimer said, while Jefferson merely glared. 'Now, what can I do for you?' he asked, sitting up straight, looking every inch the fashion maven in a pale blue sports shirt with a crisp white collar and impeccably pressed beige linen pants.

            'Well.' Dexter began. 'I'm sure you've heard of Silver Anderson.'

            'Who hasn't Jefferson sniffed, running a hand over his shiny bald head.

            'I actually had the honour of working with her on my soap.' Dexter said.

            'The one that was just cancelled?' Jefferson interjected.

            'That's right,' Dexter said, wishing that Jefferson would butt out or get lost. It was painfully obvious that Mortimer's boyfriend was not pleased to have Dexter back on the scene.

            'What about Silver Anderson?' Mortimer asked, his Adam's apple bobbing up and down as he spoke.

            'As I'm sure you know,' Dexter said smoothly, 'Silver Anderson is a legend in her own lifetime.'

            'She's also an old drama queen,' Jefferson snorted, 'well past her sell date.'

            'Age doesn't make any difference,' Dexter said, maintaining his cool. 'Silver's still a great beauty, with a world-famous name.'

            'I get your point,' Mortimer said impatiently. 'Now, enlighten me about this meeting.' 'Silver has a script she's optioned.'

            'We're not interested,' Jefferson said, rolling his eyes.

            Mortimer shot him a dirty look. 'Continue,' he said to Dexter.

            'She has this script, and it's quite something,' Dexter said, nervous now. 'She gave it to me to read, and I suggested that maybe I could come up with an investor rather than her taking it to a studio.'

            'Bullshit,' Jefferson screeched. 'What you mean is the studio won't put up the money- right?'

            'Silver wants to keep control of this project,' Dexter said, ignoring his enemy. 'It's a very special script, so she's decided to look for an investor who'll come up with the money to get the film made.'

            'How does that involve me?' Mortimer inquired, vaguely interested. 'Does she want me to design the clothes?'

            'No,' Dexter said, 'although that's a terrific idea. And with Silver in the movie, imagine the publicity.'

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