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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Thirty - Seven

            Jamie was a wreck. It took Madison and Kimm twenty minutes to calm her down.

            'I can't believe the bastard has done this to me,' she shrieked, pacing agitatedly around Madison's apartment. 'I thought we were so happy. What is it with men and their traveling dicks? Tell me,' she demanded, her voice rising. 'I want to know.'

            'Take it easy,' Madison said soothingly. 'You're not sure of anything.' 'She knows for sure the condom is gone,' Kimm said, stoic as ever.

            'That doesn't necessarily mean he used it,' Madison argued. 'I hate to say this, but I'm usually right,' Kimm said. 'We'll investigate Peter in the same way I handle all my cases.'

            'What does that mean you'll do?' Jamie asked, still pacing. 'We'll have him followed, take photographs,' Kimm explained. 'I'll get a full report within forty-eight hours.'

            'Christ!' Jamie snapped. 'This is the worst.'

            'You wanted to know, didn't you?' Madison said. 'Hell, yes!' Jamie said adamantly. 'Because if he is screwing around, I'm leaving the son-of-a-bitch.'

            'Some women like to know then they do nothing about it,' Kimm commented. 'They prefer to stay in the marriage with the  sex knowledge .'

            'Why would they do that?' Jamie demanded. 'What are they? 'Idiots ?'

            'The knowledge gives them power.' 'Who wants power?' Jamie scoffed. 'All I want is a faithful husband.'

            'You know what Peter's like,' Madison said, trying to be helpful. 'When he's had a few drinks'

            'Yes?' Jamie said, aquamarine eyes flashing.

            'Well,' Madison said, treading carefully, 'when he's had a few drinks he can sometimes get a little lecherous.'

            'How do you know?'

            Oh, Christ! Madison thought. Now I've started something. She's not letting this drop. 'The truth is he ..uh ..comes on to all your friends.'

            'He does what?'

            'Only when he's had too much to drink,' Madison said hastily.

            'Has he come on to you?' Jamie asked accusingly.

            'Not in a way that makes me think he means it.'

            'For God's sake,' Jamie snapped. Then she turned to Kimm and said sharply, 'When can you start?'

            'I'll need his social security number, work address, phone numbers - cell phone included. I'll make out a list for you.'

            'Is it really so terrible having somebody followed?' Jamie asked, turning back to Madison. 'I mean, what if he's totally innocent and I'm simply being a jealous bitch?'

            'At least you'll know,' Madison said.

            'Yeah, I'll know,' Jamie said bitterly. 'But I'll still feel shitty about myself. Spying on him- it doesn't feel right.'

            'He'll never find out,' Madison assured her.

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