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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Thirty - Eight

            Joel's dinner party was a blast. Testio certainly knew how to get things going. Not only did he bring the delectable Carrie, he also had a couple of other supermodels in tow, both of whom Joel had been anxious to get acquainted with.

            Joel himself had invited a young, sexy singing sensation of the Latin persuasion, two other models and a card-playing friend of his.

            The ratio of guests was not exactly to Carrie's liking- six girls to three men. In the middle of complaining to Testio, she spotted Eduardo, and her mood improved. 'Who's the pretty boy?' she whispered.

            Testio shrugged. 'Dumo,' he said, playing his part well. 'You'd better ask Joel.'

            'Do I have to?' she groaned.

            Testio looked at her quizzically. 'What's this thing you got against Joel?'

            Carrie wrinkled her nose. 'He's so .crass.'

            'Nah, he's okay once you get to know him.'

            'I don't want to get to know him.'

            'Yeah, well, you should. His old man's one of the richest dudes in New York.'

            'That's his father, not him.'

            'I know Joel likes you.' 'All men like me,' she said with an exaggerated sigh, followed by a superior smile.

            Man, Testio thought, this one brings conceit to a new level. .

            Joel had hired one of the best chefs in New York to cook dinner. He had taken the trouble to find out Carrie's favourite foods, and he'd made sure they were all served.

            He introduced Eduardo as his nephew from Puerto Rico. 'My mother's side of the family,' he said, with a wink. Then he sat Eduardo on one side of Carrie at the dinner table, and himself on the other.

            Before long, Carrie and the boy were engaged in animated conversation. Testio signaled Joel across the table, mouthing, 'I told you so.'

            Soon Carrie began to relax. Several glasses of her favourite wine, followed by the exquisite Chateau d' Yquem, another of her favourites, then peach brandy.

            Eduardo played his part to perfection. Although he looked no more than a well-built fifteen, he was actually nineteen. When Madam Sylvia employed someone she had them expertly trained before she sent them out on a job and Eduardo was well versed on his mission.

            Joel was paying handsomely to make sure Eduardo made Carrie Hanlon very happy indeed. Only not too soon. He had to persuade her to come away with him first.

            After dinner he got his opportunity. 'I'm flying to Vegas on Thursday for the big fight Saturday night,' he said, with full-on Joel Blaine sincerity. 'I'd love it if you'd accompany me. Separate suites at the hotel, everything straight up. We'll fly there on my father's plane. '

            'Why would I go to Vegas with you?' Carrie asked, tossing back her third peach brandy.

            'Maybe 'cause Eduardo will be there,' Joel said slyly. 'I know he'd like you to come, only you'd better not mention him to my old man. As I said, he's from my mother's side of the family -an indiscreet, illegitimate fling.'

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