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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Thirty - Nine

            'He's doing it, all right,' Kimm announced over the phone.

            'Oh, shit!' Madison said. It was the day before her Vegas gig, and she was busy packing. 'Does this mean you've got proof?'

            'Unfortunately,' Kimm said. 'Shall I come over?'

            'You'd better,' Madison said, hoping she'd be able to catch Jamie at her office before she left.

            'I'll be there in an hour,' Kimm said, and hung up.

            Although Madison had suspected it was true, this was still not good news. Jamie would be devastated, and unfortunately Madison wasn't going to be around to help keep her together. Damn! Bad timing. Jamie would need her friends, because in a way she'd led such a sheltered life: always the beautiful one; the girl who married the boy of her dreams and supposedly lived happily ever after.

            Jamie and Peter. The golden couple.

            Obviously they were not do be.

            She abandoned her packing and called Jamie at her office.

            'Hi,' Jamie said, sounding out of breath. 'What's up?'

            'What're' you doing?'

            'Coming up with a design concept for -can you believe it? -Kris Phoenix.'

            'Kris Phoenix!' Madison exclaimed. 'When did he reappear?

            'Hmm,' Jamie said sheepishly. 'I didn't tell you this, but he never actually went away. He kind of called me after Anton's dinner, told me he was buying a penthouse in New York, and would I be interested in designing the interior.'

            How come you never mentioned it?'

            'It's not like I've been dealing with him. I get to confer with his manager and a couple of executive assistants. If I were dealing with Kris I would've told you. Besides, you're the one who'll see him next -he's performing in Las Vegas.'

            'How do you know that?' Madison asked suspiciously. 'I kind of spoke to him on the phone once,' Jamie admitted. 'He...sort of invited me to his show.' 'Interesting you never mentioned this.'

            'There's been so much else going on, and I'm not about to start behaving like a giggling schoolgirl - you know, running to my best friend every time a guy calls me.'

            'Every time?'

            'Don't be silly.'

            'Kimm wants to see you. Can you make it to my apartment now?'

            'Right now?' Jamie said, sounding alarmed. 'Is it that urgent?'

            'I'm leaving early in the morning, and I thought I should be at the meeting.'

            'Why? Is it bad news?'

            'Let's see what Kimm has to say.'

            'Oh, God,' Jamie groaned. 'How can I face up to bad news? I love Peter, and I'm positive he loves me.' Suddenly she lowered her voice to a whisper. 'Can't discuss it now, Anton's lurking.'

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