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Lethal Seduction

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            Rosarita was all set for Vegas. She visited Barney's, purchasing a couple of expensive designer outfits before making a trip to one of her favourite places in New York , the Bigelow Apothecaries store on Sixth Avenue. Rosarita was a makeup freak and in Bigelow she went crazy, buying Cecilia nail polish in red glitter, a selection of Laura Mercier lipsticks, several Portuguese soaps from Klaus Porto and, finally, a tube of glycolic acid skin lightening lotion from Peter Thomas Roth - her favourite skin -care line.

            After paying for her purchases on the credit card Chas always settled, she took a cab home.

            Now that I'm pregnant, she thought, maybe Daddy will spring for a chauffeured car to drive me around. It's not right that I should be struggling on the cold New York streets climbing in and out of cabs.

            She decided to take it up with him in Vegas, preferably in front of Martha, who she was sure would agree with her.

            Back at the apartment she packed her new makeup purchases carefully in her vanity case, making sure that the plastic bottle of poison was still well hidden at the bottom.

            She was uncharacteristically nervous, but also excited. Vegas was finally coming up, and, if all went according to plan, soon she would be a free woman.

            Wouldn't that be something to celebrate.


            Across town, Dexter arrived at his first acting class full of enthusiasm. He'd had a few good days. Both Chas and Mortimer had agreed to meet with Silver Anderson, and the returned from Vegas he was setting a time and a place. When he'd told Silver, she was delighted. 'Put me in the same room with a potential investor, darling,' she'd drawled, and the money is practically ours.' A throaty laugh. 'I'm very persuasive.'

            Yes, he knew that.

            The acting coach Annie had recommended was a tall, thin, pale man with narrow eyes, a mean slash of a mouth and yellow Dracula teeth. His name was Finian Price and he was a small-time character actor in big-time movies. Dexter recognized him immediately. 'It's an honour to meet you, sir,' he said, walking over and introducing himself.

            Finian dismissed him with a snarly look. 'Enough with the sir shit,' he said. 'Go sit over there,' he added, indicating the end of a row of straight-backed wooden chairs.

            Dexter had expected a more friendly greeting, considering Annie had assured him she'd called the guy personally. Obviously Finian had other things on his mind.

            The class was filling up with students. There were about twenty people, most of them quite young.

            Dexter looked around and wondered if any of them were working actors like him. He didn't recognize anyone, so he went and sat down where Finian had told him to go.

            A girl looked up as he approached, a petite natural blonde with flowing hair that reached below her waist, an innocent face, wide eyes, full lips and an adorable snub nose. She was slender and possessed a beauteous smile, with which she honoured him as she put out her hand. 'Hi,' she said, in a soft, lilting voice. 'I'm Gem.'

            There and then Dexter fell truly in love for the first time in his life.

            'Uh Dexter Falcon,' he said, shaking her hand.

            'Nice to meet you, Dexter,' she murmured. 'Are you new here?'

            'As a matter of fact, yes,' he said, entranced by this angel.

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