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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Forty - One

            Antonio 'The Panther' Lopez had greased-back dark hair, a cocky grin, several prominent gold teeth, and a full-of-confidence attitude.

            'The champ ain't got no chance wit' me,' he said, sitting with Madison on a bench at his training camp, his manager and handlers hovering nearby.

            'Why's that?' she asked, studying his sharply chiseled face, thick bull neck and muscled shoulders, mentally preparing the way she would describe him.

            'Cause I'm gonna kick his sorry ass like it ain't never bin kicked before,' Antonio boasted.


            'You got it.'

            'Childhood dream to be champion?'

            He screwed up his face. 'Never had no freaking childhood.'

            'How come?'

            'My old man didn't think I needed one.'


            'Cause he kept me working wit' him.'

            'And he was .?'

            'A freaking handyman to rich assholes in Mexico City.'

            'You didn't enjoy working with your dad?'

            'I was freaking ten, for Crissakes.'

            'Tough life, huh?'

            'That's how I learned t' kick any martha fucker's ass.'

            'Tonio,' said his manager, a fat, middle aged man in a crumpled suit, horridly stepping nearer, 'take it easy. This is a nice lady from a classy magazine.'

            'Fuck nice!' Antonio said fiercely. 'Being nice never got me nothing but dog-shit!'

            'Tonio!' his manger pleaded, sweat dripping from his brow. 'Calm. Relaxed. Save the anger for tomorrow night.'

            Antonio gave a crafty grin, stood up and stretched. He wore striped green shorts, a loose tank top and silver running shoes. Around his neck there were several gold chains: two had diamond-studded medallions hanging from them. 'She don't mind,' he said. 'She be cool. Right, lady?'

            'Right,' Madison agreed, glancing around to see if Jake had arrived. It was about time he got there because he was missing out on some good shots. Besides, even though she'd decided to have nothing more to do with him, she was still waiting to see what he had to say.

            Better concentrate on Antonio, she thought. Better not let my mind wander

            She had a strong suspicion that if Antonio did win the title, he'd soon become impossible to deal with. He was a true character - the man who would be champ. There was no doubt that the fame and attention would go to his head and explode. The time to get to him was now, before the explosion.

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