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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Forty - Two

            Rosarita started at the girl in the blue cashmere coast sitting across the aisle from her on the American Airlines plane, and hated her. She was the kind of blonde who really considered herself hot shit. The kind of blonde Joel might like to hand with.

            The thing that infuriated Rosarita more than anything was that the girl was obviously a natural blonde. Bitch!

            Rosarita picked up her glass of champagne and orange juice and downed it. Then she buzzed the flight attendant to bring her another one. Dexter was snoozing beside her. How could he sleep on a plane? Didn't he know it could crash, hurtling them all to a fiery and unwelcome death/ what a moron. She'd be so glad to be rid of him.

            Chas and Varoomba were sitting two seats in front of them. How dumb of Chas to bring his stupid live-in stripper slut. Didn't he know Vegas was jam-packed with strippers? Bringing Varoomba was like taking a Hershey Barbara to a chocolate factory.

            Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

            They were stopping off in L.A. because Chas had decided he wanted to spend the night there and have dinner at the fabled Spago in Beverly Hills.

            'There's a Spago in Las Vegas,' Rosa had pointed out.

            'Not the same,' Chas had replied. 'In Beverly Hills we're gonna see movie starts.'

            Big fucking deal. Rosarita didn't need to see movie stars: she'd already bagged the son of the richest men in America.

            She wondered what Joel was doing now. Missing her? He probably hadn't even noticed she'd left.

            But he would. And when she returned to New York -if all went according to plan- she'd finally be a free woman. And then she could really start living.


             Joel sat in the limo, grinding his teeth with frustration, waiting for Carrie Hanlon to put in an appearance. Twenty-five fucking minutes he'd sat there, waiting patiently like schmuck of the year.

            He'd made his deriver buzz her apartment three times, and each time the same answer came, 'I'll be right down.'

            When she finally appeared, it was worth the wait. Miss all -American Sexy Supermodel - with the mane of shining auburn hair, glowing skin, long limbs and big white teeth.

            Passers-by on the street stopped to stare. Joel felt a frisson of pride. She was hot and she was with him. Only temporarily. Soon she would be with some teenage delinquent stud. No accounting for some women's taste.

            'Hi, Jack,' she said, climbing into the back of the limo.

            Jack! Was she fucking kidding? Jack! Jesus H. Christ, the stuck-up bitch couldn't even remember his fucking name. What kind of shit action was this?

            'Joel,' he said, through clenched teeth.

            'Whatever,' she said, exploring the stash of liquor in the side compartment. 'No champagne?' she complained, a small frown creasing her smooth forehead.

            'It's nine in the morning,' he said.

            'So?' she said.

            'You want champagne?'

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