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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Forty - Three

            'fucking a woman is like eating a meal,' Antonio proclaimed, bare-chested in a pair of orange shorts, thick white socks and brown lace-up boots.

            'And why would that be?' Madison asked, keeping her voice neutral.

            'Cause you see,' Antonio explained, creasing his forehead as if he'd given the subject a great deal of serous thought. 'You got all types a women, an' all kinda food. Yeah,' he nodded to himself, pleased with his speech, 'like you can get a hot dog or a steak. A burrito or a pizza. Get it?'

            'No,' Madison said. 'Tell me what you mean.'

            He regarded her as if she were extremely dense, then launched into his philosophy. Fortunately his manager was out of earshot.

            'You order a steak,' he said patiently. 'Like you'd compare a steak to one of them movie actresses or a dancer or singer - they're something special. Then you got your everyday burrito - a quick snack - you eat'em an' take off.' He guffawed heartily. 'Sometime you eat'em wanna throw up.' Another guffaw.

            'And currently .'Madison said '..you are eating.?'

            'Prime rump,' he boasted. 'Ass on her better than Jennifer Lopez!'

            'Any relation?'

            'New,' Antonio crowed cheerfully. 'But I'm gonna fuck her one of these days.'

            Madison rolled her eyes. She'd had enough of Antonio and his dumb sexist rhetoric. She had her story, it was time to move on. 'Thanks,' she said, standing up and looking around for Jake. He was conferring with his young assistant, preparing for the cover shot. Since returning to Antonio's training compound she'd had no chance at all to speak with Jake. It was obvious that when he working he became totally immersed in what he was doing. Occasionally she'd glanced over, observing him behind his camera, his face alert and concentrated. Anyone could see he was very into what he did - creating pictures, images that captured the imagination, although she knew that photographing celebrities was not his favourite work.

            She waved at Antonio's manager. 'I'm leaving,' she called out. 'See you tomorrow night.'

            'You're gonna be watching a winner tomorrow,' Antonio bragged, breezing his arm muscles. 'Better make sure you do what I tell you, lady - put yourself on life for a big bet.'

            'I told you,' she said, wishing he'd shut up, 'I don't bet.'

            'You gotta for me,' Antonio said, his gold teeth catching the light. 'It bring me plenty luck.'

            The manager escorted her over to her rental car. 'You know, sometimes Tonio says things he don't really mean,' he confided. 'But I can see you're a nice, honest gal. You wouldn't print nothing to make Tonio come over stupid, would you?'

            'I print the truth,' she answered calmly. 'I don't make things up.'

            'No, no, honey, it's not that we don't trust you,' he said, speaking much too fast. 'Only sometimes Tonio says things about women that, you know, some people could find disrespectful. But that's Tonio - he loves women too much.'

            'Glad to hear it.'

            'So, uh..you'll come by the dressing room tomorrow before the fight? The place'll be crazy, but you'll sit in the corner, stay quiet, take a few notes. that kinda thing. It's what you do, huh?'

            'Yes,' Madison said. 'It's what I do.'

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