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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Forty - Four

            'Hi.' It was Natalie on the phone, cheery as ever. 'How'd it go?'

            'Fine,' Madison said. 'He was his usual sexist self.'

            'The boxer or Jake?'

            'ha ha, very funny.'

            'So, seriously, did you work anything out with Jake?'

            'No. He was too busy photographing Antonio.'

            'Okay, okay. So I guess you're not readying yourself for a long, lustful night of great sex.' 'I guess not,'

            'Then, honey, you are coming with me to the Kris Phoenix concert.'

            'Do I have to?'

            'Yeah, I think you do. You told me you had fun in Miami, why not Vegas too?'

            'Because getting drunk and getting laid by some juvenile is not a great idea.' 'I thought the guy in Miami sounded wild.'

            'He was nineteen, Nat. More your type than mine.'

            Natalie raised an amused eyebrow. 'Are you saying I'm a slut girl?

            'We all know you're a slut. Let's call it like it is you've been one ever since college.'

            'Ha! If I was a guy you'd admire me. I'm just using them the way they use us.'

            'I wish I had half your attitude,' Madison said. 'You know I'd love to be a slut too, but somehow or other I just can't seem to cut it.'

            'Bitch!' Natalie said, laugh

            'Takes one to know one.'

            'Okay, okay. Enough talk - I'm meeting my camera crew downstairs in approximately half an hour, and you'd better be there dressed to party' cause we're covering everything tonight.'

            'I'll think about it,' Madison said, changing her mind, because maybe sitting alone in her hotel room was better than hitting the town with an uncontrollable Natalie.

            'Forget that,' Natalie said firmly. 'You're coming whether you like it or not. Downstairs in half an hour. Look spectacular.'


            Spago, Beverly Hills, was big, noisy, crowded and full of activity.

            Chas slipped the girl at the reception desk a twenty to make sure they got good service. She favoured him with a fleeting smile and said, 'Sorry, you'll have to wait at the Barbara. Your table won't be ready for another fifteen minutes.' Then, just as she was finishing her sentence, she noticed Dexter and her attitude changed. 'My Falcon,' she gushed, 'how nice to welcome you to Spago. I don't think we've seen you here before. Are you with the Vincent party?'

            'Uh, yeah,' Dexter said, modestly pleased to be recognized.

            'Your table's almost ready. Let me check.'

            'Huh!' said Rosarita. 'Seems that being an actor - however minor - counts in Hollywood.'

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