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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Forty - Five

            Age had not withered Kris Phoenix. At fifty-something, he was as raunchy as ever - a rock star for the ages. Peroxide blond hair, intense ice-blue eyes, a fake tan and rakish good looks. He was wearing well, this rock icon who was once a talented lad called Chris Pierce from Maida Vale, London. Kris still reigned supreme with hit records, sold-out concerts and a loyal fan base. Plus the women. Old, young and middle-aged, they loved him. they lusted after him. he was their fantasy.

            Currently he was involved with Amber Rowe, a coltish young actress who had recently won an Oscar. Amber was tall and lanky with straight brown hair, amazingly long legs and absolutely no tits. In spite of the over thirty-year age gap, Kris felt he had finally found his match and was seriously considering asking her to move in.

            Surrounded by an ass-kissing entourage, he held court in the outer room to his dressing -room suite before his one-night-only Vegas show, which was to take place in the ballroom of the recently refurbished Magiriano Hotel.

            Reluctantly, Madison trailed Natalie and her camera crew into the room. Natalie was all aglow in a short white Versace dress and python jacket. 'It's my rock star special,' she'd said, with a wild giggle, on their way in. 'Since I don't get to cover real news, I plan on grabbing as many good times as possible doing this crap.'

            'Go for it,' Madison said, fading into a corner as Natalie began to do her stuff.

            Amber Rowe faded into the corner right after her. 'I loathe this publicity circus,' Amber remarked, chewing her stubby fingernails. 'It's bad enough being me, but add Kris and we've got a major problem. We can't to anything without a trail of paparazzi. It's such a bummer.'

            This was not the first time a total stranger had confided in Madison, it happened all the time. People seemed compelled to talk to her - often revealing much more than they should.

            'You could stay home,' she suggested.

            'Ha!' exclaimed amber, blinking nervously. 'Try telling Kris that. He can't stand staying home. Always thinks he's missing out on something.'

            'Then you must insist. Two or three nights a week wouldn't kill him.'

            'Good idea!' Amber said, with a girlish grin. 'I'll try it.'

            Across the room, Natalie flirted outrageously with Kris on camera. He played the game well, but when the interview was over they both knew what to do. Kris immediately began conferring with his publicist, while Natalie huddled with her cameraman and producer.

            Madison and Amber made idle conversation until Natalie came over. 'Okay, girl,' she said breezily. 'We're outta here. Entertainment Tonight TV is in the room, and that makes me want to leave?

            'Will I see you at the concert?' Amber asked Madison, touch wistfully.

            'Hey,' Natalie said, zeroing in as soon as she realized who the skinny girl was, 'can we talk on camera?'

            'Sorry,' Amber answered quickly. 'I only do movie PR. And since I have nothing out now, it's a definite no.'

            'Oh, c'mon,' Natalie said, flashing her best persuasive smile. 'How about a couple of comments about Kris?'

            'Can't do it,' Amber said, shrinking away from Natalie, who sometimes came on too strong - especially when chasing an interview.

            'An' what's going on' ere?' Kris asked, strolling across the room, all tight pants and spiked hair. 'You after my girl?'

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