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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Forty - Six

            While Rosarita was in the bathroom, Dexter sat on the side of the bed in their hotel room, trying to work out how he could contact Gem. She had mentioned the restaurant she worked at, and he was straining desperately to remember the name of the place. Finally it came to him. quick as a flash he picked up the phone, dialed Information and got the number. He knew he had at least another ten minutes before Rosarita emerged from her nightly beauty routine. First she took a long, leisurely bath, after which she applied many expensive creams to her face to keep her skin soft and Supple, and then it was the turn of the body creams and lotion.

            Rosarita was proud of her skin. 'It's flawless,' she'd often told him. absolutely flawless.' And so it should be considering she visited the best and most expensive dermatologist in New York twice a month.

            He tried the number. 'Excuse me,' he said to the woman who answered. 'You have a waitress working there um ..I'm not quite sure of her surname, but her first name's Gem. Do you know who I'm talking about?'

            'This line is for bookings only,' the woman replied. 'We don't accept personal calls for staff.' Is there a special staff line?'

            'I suppose I can make an exception,' the woman said, relenting. 'Hang on, I think I see Gem.'

            He did as she asked, nervously tapping the side of the phone. What if Rosarita emerged early and found him speaking to another woman? That would not go down well. He knew his wife: she did not take kindly to competition.

            'Hello?' Lilting and lovely, it was her voice all right. 'Hi there,' he said, experiencing a rush of pure pleasure. 'This is Dexter Falcon.'


            'That's me.'

            'Where are you?'

            'In California,' he replied, feeling ridiculously tongue-tied. 'Beverly Hills, actually. I'm, uh, staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel.'

            'Oh,' she murmured, sounding impressed. 'That must be awesome.'

            He laughed at her choice of word. 'Yeah, it's pretty awesome,' he said. 'One day you and-' He stopped abruptly: he couldn't start making plans, he had a pregnant wife in the bathroom.

            Why was he calling this girl anyway? It was madness. 'I, uh, just wanted to say hello,' he managed, knowing he sounded awkward but unable to help himself.

            'You did?'

            At least she seemed pleased to hear from him. 'Yeah ..what's your home number?' he asked. She hesitated before giving it to him. He scribbled it on a notepad by the phone, then shoved the piece of paper in his pants pocket. 'Maybe I'll call you later,' he said.

            'That would be nice,' she said. 'How long are you staying in L.A.?'

            'Tonight only. Then Vegas for two nights.'

            'You're so cool,' she said, laughing softly. 'One of these days I'd like to be able to say something like that.'

            One of these days you will he thought. You'll be with me, and we'll be here together and we'll be very happy indeed. 'Okay, so maybe I'll call you later,' he said.

            'Where are you staying in Vegas?' she asked. 'Somewhere glamorous and exciting?'

            Without thinking, he told her, then regretted it. What if she called him?

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