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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Forty - Seven

            'That's the girlfriend?' Jamie questioned derisively. 'That's her,' Natalie replied. 'and she's damn talented. She won an Academy Award.' 'Who cares what she won?' Jamie said irritably. 'I came here to fuck Kris Phoenix, and that's what I'm going to do.'

            They were sitting at a front table in the huge ballroom where Kirs was due to appear.

            'Wow! You certainly are Miss Sure of Yourself,' Natalie said. 'But, then, you always could score any guy you wanted.'

            'More or less,' Jamie replied confidently. She was drinking vodka martinis, a bad sign, and she was already half drunk.

            'Tonight might be a problem,' Madison said, attempting to let her down easily. 'Kris seems very enamored of Amber.'

            'Oh, I see,' Jamie said, turning on her. 'You're on first-name terms with dear little Amber, are you?'

            'We kind of met backstage,' Madison admitted. 'She's a sweet girl, very young.'

            'What Amber I? An old hag?' Jamie said, narrowing her eyes. 'No, Jamie. Don't take it personally, it's simply that he's with someone. They're practically engaged.'

            'They're not married,' Jamie said tartly, 'so as far as I'm concerned he's still fair game.'

            'This I gotta see,' Natalie said, shaking. 'The beautiful Jamie in action. My money's on you, kiddo.' 'Well, mine isn't,' Madison said. 'I don't want anything to do with this.'

            'Thanks,' Jamie said huffily. 'Support me in my time of need. It's good to have friends.'

            'Oh, c'mon,' Madison said. 'He's in a relationship. Do you want to be the one to break it up?' 'who cares?' Jamie said. 'He's a man, isn't he? He deserves everything he gets?'

            'What does that mean?' Madison said.

            'Figure it out,' Jamie replied. 'I'll fuck him, then I'll tell his girlfriend all about it.' 'Ooh, you've turned into a mean one,' Natalie purred.

            'And so would you,' Jamie snapped back.

            'Do not turn your heads,' Madison said, 'but approaching the table next to us is Mr Leon Blaine billionaire supreme, with number one son, idiot supreme, and idiot son seems to be- believe it or not - with Carrie Hanlon.'

            'You gotta be kidding,' Natalie said, turning her head immediately.

            'Jeez,' Madison groaned. 'You're about as cool as a lobster in the pot.' 'There's nothing wrong with looking,' Natalie retorted. 'And, wow, she's looking good.'

            'Who?' Jamie asked.

            'Carrie Hanlon, that's who.'

            'By the way,' Madison said, 'how come you got such a great table?'

            'It's Mr Mogul's,' Natalie said. 'He and baby bro were coming to the concert. They couldn't make it so they gave me the table, otherwise we'd be stuck backstage with my crew. Pretty good, huh? Amazing what big bucks get you.'

            'Yes,' Madison said. 'Especially when the big bucks belong to somebody else.'


            The manager of the hotel, his wife and one other couple were sitting with the Blaines. To Marika's annoyance, Leon had organized the seating, placing himself next to Carrie and Marika across the table, where she put on a superior smile and downed her second Pernod on the rocks.

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