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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Forty - Eight

            And so Kris Phoenix hit the stage like a fireball, bouncing around, filled with energy - all sprayed -on leather pants, spiked hair and cocky grin. Time had not slowed him down, and the audience went crazy. This was good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll, and they loved it.

            Madison remembered the first time she'd seen Kris Phoenix perform. Michael had taken her to an open-air concert in Central Park, and she'd fallen in love with the drummer from afar. She'd been fifteen and would've given anything to get backstage. But it was not to be. She and her dad had ended up eating hot dogs while walking along Fifth Avenue. It was a good memory.

            Michael. Daddy. She'd tried to put him out of her mind- but there were moments when it wasn't possible. He was her father, the man she loved. And being estranged from him was incredibly painful.

            The truth was she missed him.

            How can you miss him? she asked herself scornfully.

            Because I do.

            That's bullshit. He's murderer. HE KILLED YOUR MOTHER.

            Nobody knows that for sure.

            Oh, yes, you do.

            'I'll be right back,' she whispered to Natalie.

            'Where you going?'

            'Ladies room.'

            She got up from the table and made her way to the back of the darkened room.

            Kris was stomping across the stage belting out one of his familiar hits. She didn't care. She didn't care about anything. If it wasn't for Jamie she would've made a fast getaway.

            The ladies' room was empty except for an old woman with an enormous beehive hairdo, who was stationed next to an ashtray filled with five-and ten-dollar bills. No cheap tipping at this hotel.

            'Hello, love,' the old crone said, in a thick cockney accent. 'Missing the show?'

            'Looks like it.'

            'Farrah Fawcett was in 'ere earlier,' the old woman confided. 'Still got that lovely hair, she 'as.'

            'Good for her,' Madison muttered, shutting herself in a stall.

            Damn Jamie for coming to Vegas. It was such a bad idea, and now she, Madison, was supposed to be the one to save her, because she couldn't depend on Natalie. It simply wasn't fair. Didn't she have enough to deal with?

            She emerged from the stall.

            'I used t' have lovely hair,' the old woman said with a mournful sigh. 'I was a showgirl' ere in the early days. Nearly went out with Bugsy Siegal I did.'

            Madison fished out a twenty and left it in the ashtray. Then she hurried from the room, and bumped straight into Jake. Literally.

            'You know what I hate?' he said.

            'Dating teenagers?' she said breathlessly.

            'Ancient rock stars in too tight pants with socks stuffed in their crotch.'

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