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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Forty - Nine

            By the time Madison, Jamie and Natalie reached the party it was packed with press and guests all attempting to hustle their way towards the VIP section in the back.

            'That's one place I ain't going,' Natalie said, rolling her eyes. 'Who wants to?' Madison agreed.

            While Jamie said, 'Watch me, guys.' And before either one of them could stop her, she was on her way to the VIP area, only to be prevented from entering the inner sanctum by two burly bodyguards.

            'I'm Mr Phoenix's interior designer,' she said haughtily. 'would you please tell him I'm here? Jamie Nova, from New York.'

            'yes, ma, am, but you'll have to wait until we get clearance,' once of the guards said, placing a heavy hand on her arm.

            She flicked it off. 'Kindly don't touch me.' She said imperiously.

            'Sorry, ma'am. We gotta check you out.'

            'Go ahead - I'll wait.'

            By this time Madison had caught up with her. 'What are you doing?' she asked.

            'Making arrangements for tomorrow,' Jamie said, slurring her words - but only slightly. 'Is that okay with you?'

            'Please sober up,' Madison pleaded.

            'Sure,' Jamie said, with an obliging mile. 'I'll be perfectly sober tomorrow when I fuck Kris Phenix.'


            Leon Blaine wanted to gamble; Joel Blaine wanted to go to the Kris Phoenix party; Carrie Hanlon wanted to get back to her suite and liaise with Eduardo; Marika wanted to leave Las Vegas and get away from Leon's latest infatuation.

            Leon won. Naturally. So they were escorted to a roulette table, which was immediately closed to the public, and Leon began to play, piling stacks of chips on the table as if they were going out of style. To Joel's fury , Leon's number kept coming up. He was winning yet another fortune, the lucky old bastard.

            After a while Leon handed a fistful of chips to Carrie. 'cheval twenty-nine,' he commanded.

            'What does cheval mean?' she asked.

            'Place your chips around a number - surround it.'

             As she did so, a crowd gathered. Several guards formed a barrier to keep them away from the table.

            'This table is closed,' one of the guards told an eager fan, who was anxious to get a closer look at the very famous Carrie Hanlon.

            'Can you do that?' asked a woman from Ontario, in bright orange Bermuda shorts.

            'In this casino, ma'am, we can do what we like,' the guard replied.

            Joel threw some chips down on the table, concentrating on thirty-five -his lucky number.

            Leon placed a stack of chips worth a total of twenty thousand dollars on number twenty-nine.

            The croupier spun the wheel. 'C'mon, thirty-five.' Joel muttered under his breath. 'C'mon, you mother fucker.'

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