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Lethal Seduction

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            'Goddamnit!' Rosarita snarled. 'This flight is so bumpy I can't take it!'

            'Not as bumpy as our flight yesterday,' Martha remarked smugly, leaning across the aisle. 'We're quite used to it now. Veteran travelers, aren't we, Matt?'

            Matt grunted. He was busy studying the attractive flight attendant's legs and couldn't give a damn about the turbulence.

            'Who cares how bumpy your fight was?' Rosarita said irritably. 'If this plane goes down, our entire family would be wiped out, and then Venice would inherit everything. God forbid!'

            Martha shook her head. Sometimes words came out of her daughter-in-law's mouth that were downright shocking.

            Rosarita tapped Chas on the shoulder. 'I hope you've arranged for a car to meet us at the airport,' she said waspishly. 'I'm not getting in a cab.'

            'Yeah. I arranged a car,' Chas on the shoulder. 'I hope you've arranged for a car to meet us at the airport,' she said waspishly. 'I'm not getting in a cab.'

            'Yeah, I arranged a car,' Chas said, scratching his chin. 'An whaddya mean, you're not getting' in a cab? What're you? A freaking princess?'

            'I'm pregnant, Daddy, Pregnant. You keep on forgetting. I should be treated with care and consideration.'


            'Yes,' she said, scowling.

            Soon they would all have to treat her with extreme respect. As Mrs Joel Blaine, mother of the heir to the Blaine fortune, she would be a freaking princess. And then they'd all be sorry they hadn't been nicer to her.


            Madison awoke slowly, rolled across the bed, threw out her arm and hit another body. For a moment she was completely disoriented, then it all came back. Las Vegas. Jake. And today was her birthday.

             Happy birthday to me, she thought wryly.

            Oh, God! Thirty! Suddenly she felt incredibly old.

            Jake was still sleeping. She propped herself up on one elbow and watched him, unable to resist running her fingers across his chest, discovering a small scar on his right shoulder. Funny, she hadn't noticed it before, but their week of passion in New York seemed such a long time ago.

            She was secretly pleased that they'd got together again. Last night had been everything she'd hoped. He'd made her laugh and held her close, making her feel as if they had a truly special connection. And after great sex she'd gone to sleep in his arms, which was exactly the way it should be. So what if it wasn't a lasting thing? At least they were having fun.

            He stirred slightly and opened his eyes. 'Hey,' he mumbled, stifling a yawn, 'gotta feeling I'm in a strange bed.'

            'What's so strange about it?' she replied, straight-faced.

            He smiled lazily. 'Have I ever told you how sorry I Amber that I screwed up?'

            'I think it's time you stopped apologizing.'

            'Does that mean I'm forgiven?'

            'Surely you noticed?'

            'Oh, yeah, I noticed all right.'

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