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Lethal Seduction

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Chapter Fifty - One

            Martha oohed and aahed all the way to the hotel, getting on Rosarita's nerves. Couldn't the woman ever shut up?

            Chas led the way in, with Varoomba close behind. Rosarita hung back, embarrassed to be seen with Stripper slut.

            At the check-in desk, Martha spotted Leonardo DiCaprio and a group of his cronies. She nearly fainted on the spot. 'Oh, my God!; she wailed. 'Look-look who that is! I've seen Tony Curtis in Beverly Hills, now Leonardo DiCaprio in Las Vegas. My girlfriends in our book club will never believe me! I wish I had my camera!'

            Rosarita rolled her eyes, although she had to admit that that seeing Leonardo DiCaprio was impressive. He was shorter than she'd expected and much too young, but all the same, he was a major star.

            She held on to Dexter's arm. At least he was a personality of sorts. Not a very famous one, but he did have a half-assed name, recognizable to anyone who watched daytime soaps.

            She waited until Chas had finished talking to the desk clerk, then she sidled over. 'I'm Mrs Dexter Falcon,' she announced. The desk clerk glanced up. 'What can I do for you, ma'am ?' he asked politely.

            'I thought I should make you aware that my husband is staying at the hotel. Dexter Falcon, the TV star. Perhaps you can inform your PR department. I know you have many celebrities here this weekend for the fight, and if there're any parties we should be invited to, I'd appreciate the invitation being sent to our room.' Satisfied, she turned away from the reception desk.

            'What were you doing?' Dexter asked.

            'Securing our position,' she answered, a smug expression on her face.

            'What positions?' he muttered.


            Carrie made Joel wait. He sat in the coffee shop pushing scrambled eggs and bacon around his plate, wondering what time she was planning on putting in an appearance. Her promise of a half-hour soon stretched into an hour. He was severely pissed.

            'Jesus, Carrie,' he said when she finally turned up, 'I thought you were a professional.'

            'What?' she said, unconcerned.

            'Why are you so late?'

            'Amber I?' she said, glancing at her watch.

            'How was Baby Face last night?'

            'Satisfactory,' she replied, casually inspecting the menu.

            'We're supposed to meet the old man and the prison guard for lunch,' he said. 'What were you an' Leon talking about yesterday? He didn't stop whispering to you all day. What the fuck was that about?'

            'Confidential,' she replied.

            'Are you kidding?'

            'Leon wouldn't want me to repeat our conversation,' Carrie said, dismissing Joel's curiosity. 'Now, where is Mr Scorsese? I thought you said he'd be here.'

            'I told you he had a meeting. I mentioned you to him. He's interested in getting together with you.'

            'I don't do auditions.'

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